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ARK patch notes 275

ARK patch notes 275. Aberration release, certain modes and structures fixed, certain crashes fixed.  ARK patch notes released in these groups  275.2 275.31 275.87 275.921 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 275 The updates are in ARK patch notes 275.0  275.1, 275.11, 275.2, 275.31, 275.32 Ark patch notes 275.0 Aberration release! Parallel (multi-threaded) renderer for faster SM5 graphics CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads = true ShooterGameMode (changes the […]

ARK patch notes 274. Dino & game changes

ARK patch notes 274

ARK patch notes 274. Added “heavy tower”, Heavy-duty guards have now repaired the repair costs and many more. ARK patch notes released in these groups  274.0 274.12 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 274 The updates are in ARK patch notes 274.0 274.12 ARK survival 274.0 patch notes Added “heavy tower” (Heavy Turret), which has about four times the strength […]

How genetic inheritance and mutations work

genetic inheritance

This tutorial aims to guide you from A to Z in the breeding of creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved , so that you become an expert breeding If you want to know how to create a line of great dinosaurs then this tutorial is for you. Know that the whole of this tutorial on breeding is divided into three detailed sections: I. Choose the right parents […]

ARK: Aberration will release 27th October 2017

ark Aberration 2017

In ARK: Aberration, the survivors will wake up on an abandoned, faulty ARK with a thoughtful underground biome system where they will face new challenges, unlike anything else: radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplain, wingsuits, rock climbing, cave dwellings, charging batteries and much more, as well as unusual new creatures waiting in mysterious depths. But beware […]

Camouflaging ARK Rock Drake

ark Rock Drake location taming kibble saddle and spwan command

The camouflaging “ ARK Rock Drake” is a massive winged lizard with fast speed and flight. It will be released in ARK aberration pack 2017. More details will be added when released Wild ARK Rock Drake saddle  The primary marsupial i have encountered on the island is the Rock Drake vivencurrus. Standing nearly three meters tall, […]

ARK Lantern Pug

ARK Lantern Pug taming location statistcs and kibble

If you’re looking for a friend, the cute “Lantern Pug” will keep the darkness at bay. It will be released in the upcoming aberration pack 2017. More details will be added once aberration pack is released   ARK Lantern Pug is carnivorous fish determined fairly usually within the rivers and ponds of the island. Its […]

ARK Cave Crustacean

Ever wanted a giant enemy crab to toss your foes away? Take the “Cave Crustacean” for a spin. The Cave Crustacean is one of the upcoming Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Aberration expansion. While not currently available, this creature will be added in a future update. The Cave Crustacean additionally known as the sarco or […]

Survival Evolved ARK patch notes 273

ARK patch notes 273

ARK patch notes 273.  Fixed some cases of Turrets, Changed structure-checking logic,  Fixed saving/loading of Lamp Post and many more. ARK Survival evolved patch notes 273 The updates are in ARK patch notes 273.15 273.24 273.4 273.6 Current Version: v273.11 – Can no longer attach floating structures when on a flying dino platform. – Dropping Inventory-deposit structures onto platform saddles now […]

ARK Wyvern Stats, location, and raising

ARK wyvern Statistics, saddle breeding and taming wyvern in ARK survival evolved game

Here is the very first amazing creature of Scorched Earth , a mythical and incredible creature, that all lovers of the ARK survival game . Here is the ARK Wyvern Ladies and Gentlemen Survivors of the Ark!   ARK Firing Creature: ARK Wyvern (Scorched Earth) Surname Wyvern species Draconis vipera age ? food carnivore temperament Aggressive domestication tameable Yes rideable Yes command admincheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Base_C; Dino Wyvern in the […]

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