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Camouflaging ARK Rock Drake

ark Rock Drake location taming kibble saddle and spwan command

The camouflaging “ ARK Rock Drake” is a massive winged lizard with fast speed and flight. It will be released in ARK aberration pack 2017. More details will be added when released Wild ARK Rock Drake saddle  The primary marsupial i have encountered on the island is the Rock Drake vivencurrus. Standing nearly three meters tall, […]

ARK Cave Crustacean

Ever wanted a giant enemy crab to toss your foes away? Take the “Cave Crustacean” for a spin. The Cave Crustacean is one of the upcoming Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Aberration expansion. While not currently available, this creature will be added in a future update. The Cave Crustacean additionally known as the sarco or […]

ARK Wyvern Stats, location, and raising

ARK wyvern Statistics, saddle breeding and taming wyvern in ARK survival evolved game

Here is the very first amazing creature of Scorched Earth , a mythical and incredible creature, that all lovers of the ARK survival game . Here is the ARK Wyvern Ladies and Gentlemen Survivors of the Ark!   ARK Firing Creature: ARK Wyvern (Scorched Earth) Surname Wyvern species Draconis vipera age ? food carnivore temperament Aggressive domestication tameable Yes rideable Yes command admincheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Base_C; Dino Wyvern in the […]

ARK Phoenix Taming, location, saddle etc

ARK phoenix saddle and kibble. ARK survival evolved phoneix favrourite food and admin command.

Today, with my colleague Hamdan, we were On-Fire! All fire flames, we gave ourselves the crazy bet to go visit the new creature straight out of the Wildcard files, the  ARK Phoenix to offer you a small guide.   ARK flying Creature: ARK Phoenix Surname Phoenix species Harprognatus exornus age Unknown nutrition Flame-eater temperament difficult to define domestication tameable Yes rideable […]

ARK Doedicurus Taming, kibble, saddle

ark doedicurus taming saddle and kibble

Today we are going to introduce new creature ARK Doedicurus. The Doedicurus is strong, heavy and hard-wearing! Ignorance may also confuse the Dino, which is also recognizable on its distinct tank, from a distance with a turtle, but a blow with its spiked tail will give them a better instruction. This tank on four legs can do even more. Whoever is […]

ARK Ovis: Taming Food and location

where to find ovis food of ovis ARk survival evolved ovis

Let’s start now with one of the last available creature on our favorite game ARK survival evolved, the sheep Ark Ovis. You can also call it the wool ball, the stuff that does not matter or what ever you want to call it    ARK Sheep Creature: ARK Ovis Surname Ovis species Ovis Aries age Cenozoic food herbivore […]

ARK Equus Taming saddle location Kibble

ARK equus stats breeding and spawn commands

The newest dossier on ARK Survival Evolved game  is presented – this is the ARK Equus , a kind of primordial zebra or Pony/horse!    ARK Horse (Pony) Creature: ARK survival evolved Equus Surname Equus species Equus Magnus age Pleistocene food herbivore temperament Loyal domestication tameable Yes rideable Yes Multiplies  No command Pony ARK Equus creature ID cheat summon Equus_Character_BP_C horse […]

ARK Griffin. ID Taming saddle location

Flying bird in ARK survival evolved ARK griffin

Here is the very first dino record of Ragnarok , a mythical and incredible creature, that all lovers of the ARK survival game . Here is the ARK Griffin Ladies and Gentlemen Survivors of the Ark!  ARK flying Creature: ARK  Griffin Surname Griffin species Gryphon Magnificum age Unknown nutrition carnivore temperament Aggressive domestication tameable Yes rideable Yes command Bird ARK griffin ID Griffin    Griffin_Character_BP_C […]

ARK Yutyrannus Taming saddle location

ARK Yutyrannus New dino dossier ARK survival evolved Yutyrannus

The ARK Yutyrannus seems to be mistaken for the T-Rex , like a little brother who has not yet lost his teenage down . The contrast between his feathery body and his demonic head will surprise many! In addition to having a step worthy of a backyard bird , it is fully coated with a coat that looks very soft . One would almost want to have a stuffed toy in our bed!  Dino Dossier: ARK Yutyrannus […]

Spinosaur ARK stats, tamm & saddle

spinosaurus ark dinosaur creature in ark survival evloved game

 Spinosaur ARK Dinosaur in an important dinosaur creature in ARK survival evolved game. A territorial 4 limbs, fast speed and rounded creature have many advantages and disadvantages that if utilized properly can be very helpful. Surname: Spinosaur Species: Spinosaurus aquareliga Age: Early-Late Cretaceous Food: carnivore Temperament: Territorial tameable: Yes reitbar: Yes Saddle: Spino Saddle (Lvl. […]

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