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ARK Griffin. ID Taming saddle location

Here is the very first dino record of Ragnarok , a mythical and incredible creature, that all lovers of the ARK survival game . Here is the ARK Griffin Ladies and Gentlemen Survivors of the Ark!

Flying bird in ARK survival evolved ARK griffin

 ARK flying Creature: ARK  Griffin

Surname Griffin
species Gryphon Magnificum
age Unknown
nutrition carnivore
temperament Aggressive
tameable Yes
rideable Yes

Bird ARK griffin ID

Griffin    Griffin_Character_BP_C

Bird Griffin in the wild:

Griffin Survival Evolved ARK , is undoubtedly an exciting spectacle. Many ancient myths and legends tell of the various images of a griffin over the centuries, but the fact that it never contested its majestic and mysterious character.
The front of this creature resembles an eagle, the lion and the back, as if these two animals have merged into one to form a beautiful aerial and ground predators.
One of the first desires may come closer to Gryphon  and admire its beauty, in fact, this is a very bad decision.
Attacks range Gryphon makes it a versatile predator ever known.
If his presence is not enough to intimidate the hunters, the animal can take off into the air and fly towards the ground at such a rate that deals damage to all living things were under him, and this momentum griffin can use to quickly gain altitude.

ARK survival Griffin statistics

Properties Quantity at stage 1 Upsurge per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated Improve Mult
 Health 1325 +265 +5.4% -1000
 Oxygen 150 +15 +10%  
 Stamina 250 +12.5 +6%
 Weight 280 +5.6 +4%
 Food 1600 +160 +10% 15%
 Torpor 1500 +90 0.5
 Movement Speed 100% +0% 36.5%
 Melee Damage 27 +1.35 +1.7% -50% 17.6%

Griffin spawn code ark. Griffin ARK spawn command

cheat spawndino “Blueprint ‘/ Game / PrimalEarth / Dinos / Griffin / Griffin_Character_BP.Griffin_Character_BP'” 100 0 1 0

Taming Griffin in ARK Survival Evolved. How to tame Griffin in ARK? 

ARK Griffin taming guide How to tame Griffin in ARK survival evolved

The idea of taming the Gryphon considered suicide. His independence and disinterest in interacting with people combined with his power and strength defies taming this creature. Nevertheless, there are enough brave survivors who have been successful in this business.
Riding a tame gryphon tribesman with a passenger is a feat in itself.

Whilst taming the beast make sure to convey quite a few kibble (allosaurus eggs) to ensure that the taming system is going easily.

Griffin taming ARK Trick

Whilst taming the beast make sure to convey quite a few kibble (allosaurus eggs) to ensure that the taming system is going easily.

Griffin Taming Calculator (ENG)

Type Carnivore
ARK griffin food Allosaurus Kibble
Effectivity 28.7% ; Level + 0
Required Time to eat 02:53:20
Narcotic Buffer: 00:00:09
Affinity (Required ; Gained)
3235 3250


Great weapons and kibble for taming a griffin

The high-quality weapons for taming a griffin are shotguns and pikes. The two named guns may be used efficaciously while a griffin begins to circle you. It’s quality to additionally use mounts with a wide area of attacks and first rate harm consisting of the rex, who will make quick work of a griffin.

ARK griffin location saddle and stats. Where to find griffin

How to Fight and contain Griffin in ARK survival 

This section describes a way to combat versus a wild griffin.


Griffins are regularly seen in flocks of 3, most generally amongst bushes or on the top of cliffs. They have got a as an alternative extensive aggro radius, and could chase a survivor for long distances earlier than disengaging. Unique care need to be taken to be privy to your surroundings, as even the small quantity of knockback dealt with the aid of their attacks may push a survivor to a death at the bottom of a ravine.

Method to attack Griffin ARK

The griffin is a incredibly resiliant opponent, and does not seem to take the bonus damage from ranged guns that different flying creatures do. Luckily, their attacks additionally appear like truly weak in assessment to different flying creatures of the identical degree, and easily prevented as a result of their large turning radius. Griffins may on occasion attack a survivior from the floor. They appear to be without difficulty distracted, and are susceptible to switching objectives.


Ranged guns and pikes seem to be particuarly powerful, thanks to their propensity to circle the participant at short range. Take note of other hostiles in the vicinity, as the areas they spawn are domestic to many carnos and terror birds. Mounts with a huge location of impact attack and first rate damage along with the rex will make brief work of these creatures.

This dino does first rate harm and could kill you if no longer cautious.

Weak spot of Griffin ARK survival evolved

Its turning radius is atrocious if you want to stand and it will honestly fly round you.

Saddle to ride Griffin ARK Griffin Saddle.

No saddle required. You could also try force tame it. After that ride can be enjoyed without any saddle.

Where in to locate the brand new griffin? ARK griffin location

Griffins can be determined in businesses of three, commonly in timber or at the pinnacle of cliffs. While attempting to find a griffin a whole lot care have to be taken given that a unmarried knock-back off a excessive location or ravine may be positive loss of life for a few players. Average, the class of griffins in standard are rather weak when attacking, however it need to be referred to that it does now not take bonus harm from ranged guns like different flying creatures.

ARK Survival evolved griffin cheat code ARK Griffin console commands

Spawn codes for the new DLC creatures:
admincheat SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Griffin/Griffin_Character_BP.Griffin_Character_BP'” 150 0 0 35

Iceworm: cheat spawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Custom_Assets/JacksonL/Iceworm/Iceworm_Character_Minion_BP_smaller.Iceworm_Character_Minion_BP_smaller'” 100 1 1 150

Lava Golem (Griffin Boss): cheat spawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Custom_Assets/JacksonL/LavaGolem/LavaGolem_Character_BP.LavaGolem_Character_BP'” 100 1 1 150

 Wyvern ICE: cheat spawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Custom_Assets/Dinos/Wyvern/Ice_Wyvern/Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice.Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice'”100 1 1 150

ARK griffin color patterns

1. Wings (RED)

2. Hind Quarters (BLUE)
3. N/A (WHITE)
4. Throat / Underbelly (CYAN)
5. N/A (GREEN)


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