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ARK Ovis: Taming Food and location

Let’s start now with one of the last available creature on our favorite game ARK survival evolved, the sheep Ark Ovis. You can also call it the wool ball, the stuff that does not matter or what ever you want to call it

where to find ovis food Creature ID spawn command of ARk survival evolved ovis


 ARK Sheep Creature: ARK Ovis

Surname Ovis
species Ovis Aries
age Cenozoic
food herbivore
temperament Stupid, dumb
tameable Yes
rideable Yes

Sheep Bird ARK Ovis ID

ARK Ovis   Sheep_Character_BP_C

Sheep Ovis in the wild:

Ovis Survival Evolved ARK ,Since arriving on the island, I’ve come across dozens of exciting creatures whose behavior has never been studied or documented … as well as sheep. Of course, Ovis aries is quite different from modern-domesticated sheep – and even from wild species of sheep, such as Ovis Orientals. Unique marks on its muzzle give it a vivid appearance, and the horns of males – ARK Barans possess a unique form that differs from any other species of the genus Ovis. As might be expected, Ovis has little chance against many predators of this island. In principle, like the Dodo, but still remains a mystery as he managed to save the family of Ovis.

ARK survival Ovis statistics

Quantity at stage 1 Increase per point Bonus Taming
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
Health.png Health 100 +20 +5.4% 0.07
Stamina.png Stamina 100 +10 +10%
Oxygen.png Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
Food.png Food 1200 +120 +10% 15%
Weight.png Weight 90 +1.8 +4%
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage 52 +0.25 +1.7% 14% 17.6%
Movement Speed.png Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +2.5%
Torpor.png Torpor 85 +5.1 N/A4 0.5


OVis spawn code ark. Ovis ARK spawn command



Taming Ovis in ARK Survival Evolved. 

Some survivors consider sheep herds in ARK to be useful in farming. Their thick layer of wool can be re-cut using special tools, and cooked lamb chops are a popular dish among some tribes, as well as their super nutritious mutton.

From time to time, each survivor, with a sense of humor, will try to use the OVIS as a riding animal, since he can climb the steep ones.
The joke becomes much less amusing as soon as you ride a sluggish Baran meet a flock of raptors. One tribe was tied to the cultivation of Sheep, perhaps it is not so beautiful to say,

What do ovis eat? Favorite kibble for Ovis

Favorite food of Ovis is Sweet Vegetable Cake.png Sweet Vegetable Cake. 

How to prepare Sweet Vegetable Cake Ovis ?

Recipe for Sweet vegetable cake is as follows

To make 1 Sweet Vegetable Cake, you’ll need:

  • 4 x Sap –  Get them from Redwood Tree using a Tree Sap Tap.
  • 2 x Longrass – Grow up in Garden
  • 2 x Rockarrot – Grow up in Garden
  • 4 x Stimulant – Craft with Stim Berries and Stone at a Mortar and Pestle.
  • 2 x Savoroot – Grow in Garden
  • 1 x Water – One full container of water.
  • 25 x Fiber – Find them in Bushes
  • Honey (recently added in the recipe)

If you’re cooking a couple of cakes, multiply every component by the number of cakes you want to make. Throw that inside the cooking pot or business cooker and allow it bake.

How to tame Ovis in ARK?

Before you ever even got down to discover your ovis, you need to put together the food to tame them. It seems ovis will simplest befriend you if you provide them a piece of candy vegetable cake. Irrespective of what level the wild ovis is, one Sweet Vegetable Cake is all you want to absolutely tame it. Go for it and you can bring any number as you want.

Put the food Sweet vegetable cake in the last slot of the hotbar. The last slot on the hotbar is used for passive taming purpose. Putting it anywhere else in the hotbar will eventually end in you eating the cake rather then the Ovis.

Ovis Taming Calculator 

Type Herbivore
Favorite Food Sweet Veggie Cake
Effectivity 17.99% ; Level + 0
Required Time to eat 00:04:12
Narcotic Buffer: 00:00:00
Affinity (Required ; Gained)
1260 1260
Torpor (Min ; Max ; Given)
0 0 0

Only Non-Violent Tameable




How to Fight and contain Ovis in ARK survival

how to tame ovis stats health weak point of ARK ovis


Ovis is not fighting creature. This harmless sheep can by killed by any player. Just a spear is enough to finish it.

Method to attack Ovis ARK

It is harmless creature and can be killed easily.


Any weapon can be used to kill Ovis.

Weak spot of Ovis ARK survival evolved

In addition to its low health, it has low stamina, which means a tamed Ovis can’t run away for long before running out of staminaIts

Major weak points are less stamina and health. It implies that tamed ovis can not run a long distance. It will run of stamina quickly.

Saddle to ride Ovis ARK. 

No Saddle Needed for Ark sheep Ovis. It can be used for riding without saddle.

Where in to locate the new sheep Ovis? ARK Ovis location

In order to find the ark ovis, search them in the open gasslands. Ovis tends to like the the open grasslands of the island for his or her wild spawning grounds. However, ovis are highly uncommon creatures. Since Ovis is careless creature and found in a land full of predators there fore be careful in your search.

If the server you’re playing on is unofficial and existed earlier than the update, you can should ask the admins to reset the wild dinos for your ark. Sometimes new dinos won’t spawn if the server is already complete with the vintage ones. As an alternative, you can hop on a t-rex and go to your personal killing spree in hopes of ovis spawning.

As soon as find the location of ovis, approach it camly and offer the sweet vegetable cake you put on your last hotbar slot. If initiated successfully, the sheep will devour the cake and end up your loyal partner.

Ark Ovis is harmless creature in Ark survival game. Similar to this, key information about other creatures in the game can be found here Creatures in ARK game

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