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Camouflaging ARK Rock Drake

The camouflaging “ ARK Rock Drake” is a massive winged lizard with fast speed and flight. It will be released in ARK aberration pack 2017.

ark Rock Drake location taming kibble saddle and spwan command

More details will be added when released

Wild ARK Rock Drake saddle 

The primary marsupial i have encountered on the island is the Rock Drake vivencurrus. Standing nearly three meters tall, it’s miles among the most important jumping creatures in ark

i’ve heard of. It’s far a fairly non violent herbivore with the intention to right away flee when aggressed upon.
Considered one of Rock Drake’s maximum unique features is its pouch. In contrast to many pouched marsupials, Rock Drake’s pouch is exceptionally dry and has little inside the manner of sticky or oily fluids. I count on this is ideal for the joey, but i’ve now not figured out exactly why yet in survival ark game

ARK survival evolved Rock Drake taming

Procoptodon’s dry pouch makes it an superb beast of burden that can convey some distance greater than different creatures of its size. Greater importantly, many tribes use it as a two-seater transport by using having a secondary rider nest in the pouch. Since this passenger does not should fear approximately controlling the Rock Drake, the pouch-warrior can cognizance on firing his or her guns!

Rock Drake ARK kibble 

Much like the parasaur as it may be determined peacefully roaming the area. When attacked it will run away. Unlike the parasaur, once in a while the procoptodon will attack. The procoptodon will attack if its level is more than that of your very own.
The Rock Drake is a rather uncommon animal on the island. If none are seen in which they need to be spawning, kill off as many animals as you notice. As new ones spawn in, the procoptodon will spawn with them. Ensure you realize in which they spawn (see map above). They revel in to congregate around the lowest of mountains, as they may ultimately hop down if they spawn on the top. You could also discover them at the flat zones around swamps. They every so often spawn at the north-east border of the island, at the beaches.
It’s miles important to observe that not like different herbivores, procoptodon will not consume superior plants. Each adults and maturing animals will starve if left without berries.

Rock Drake  spawn ID

A massive relative of present day kangaroos, Rock Drake isn’t always a common herbivore when as compared to the herds of parasaurolophus and phiomia that wander approximately the ark. It could without difficulty be fallacious for a normal kangaroo as well if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s miles larger than a man. Closer seems display that it additionally has a miles shorter face, paying homage to a rabbit.

Rock Drake location in ark survival 

This segment presentations the procoptodon’s herbal colorings and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are coloured pink over an albino Rock Drake. The colored squares shown underneath every region’s description are the colours that the procoptodon will randomly spawn with to provide an general range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a colour to display its call and id.



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