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How genetic inheritance and mutations work

genetic inheritance

This tutorial aims to guide you from A to Z in the breeding of creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved , so that you become an expert breeding If you want to know how to create a line of great dinosaurs then this tutorial is for you. Know that the whole of this tutorial on breeding is divided into three detailed sections: I. Choose the right parents […]

ARK Lantern Pug

ARK Lantern Pug taming location statistcs and kibble

If you’re looking for a friend, the cute “Lantern Pug” will keep the darkness at bay. It will be released in the upcoming aberration pack 2017. More details will be added once aberration pack is released   ARK Lantern Pug is carnivorous fish determined fairly usually within the rivers and ponds of the island. Its […]

ARK ACM Tutorial (Admin command menu)

ark acm tutorial How to use ARK acm

This ARK ACM tutorial  include ACM commands ARK ACM bulk import guide Adding more Mods ACM not working what to do  ARK ACM originally stands for Admin Command menu but with some recent advancement and its success, it is now called Advanced command Menu. It is more convenience streamlined and advanced replacement of ARK’s build […]

How to use ARK commander, Full tutorial

ark-commander tool

What is ARK commander tool. How to download and install it. A complete tutorial on how to use ARK commander software. FAQs and issues related to Commander program ARK COMMANDER A tool that will simplify your life! Hello everyone, Today I propose a small administration guide , on a tool that proves very useful to ARK server […]

ARK custom Recipes

ARK custom Recipes

The winner ARK custom recipes that helps in various situations. I will present a series of ARK survival evolved custom Recipes from the simplest to the most sophisticated that will help you during a raid. Meats Let’s start with the base, making a small summary of the properties of the different meats available in the game for tame animals: […]

ARK fast leveling: Proceed quickly tips

ark fast leveling fastest way to level in ark

ARK fast leveling – A guide on how to quickly or faster pumping /leveling for players who are just starting to play in ARK Survival Evolved. ARK survival evolved fast leveling You can easily pump from 1 to 15 levels, crafting Cloth Hat. After that, the best time to tame Raptor, because you will collect […]

Stats & Color ARK Mutations explained

Today we are going to discuss how and why to get mutations in Ark survival evolved. ARK mutations are breeding mechanic which can vary the qualities and stats of the new born dino. Currently two main types of ark mutations are in use. ARK color mutations and mutations for stats. In the game so far, the […]

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