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How to use ARK commander, Full tutorial

What is ARK commander tool. How to download and install it. A complete tutorial on how to use ARK commander software. FAQs and issues related to Commander program

ARK COMMANDER A tool that will simplify your life!

ark-commander tool

Hello everyone,

Today I propose a small administration guide , on a tool that proves very useful to ARK server administrators.

This tool is called ARK COMMANDER , some have known it for a while, but we wanted to present it for those who would have missed this wonderful program!

The ARK Commander is an Admin PC software for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. The Commander allows you to use the game console in singleplayer, as well as on private servers, by simply entering pre-built functions.

how to use ark-commander software

“A program for all creators who are tired of having to type commands into the console. ARK COMMANDER has a list, updated, of many entities, dinos and mods that you can make appear by a simple double-click, in addition to many useful features. “


It is very simple you will see, go below on this page to download the program. Install it by entering all the necessary information on your server, as well as your preferences.

Once opened, you will see that you have access to different lists via different menus (run the program in administrator mode to avoid any problem).

ark commander how to use

ark commander dowanload

ark commander download

All you have to do is select the desired entity (from a mod or the original game) and then double click to make it appear, a double right click will show an entire stack of the desired entity.

To the right of the ARK COMMANDER  program you also have several shortcuts of functions, such as the command to steal, destroy entities, etc., all that can be useful to an ARK server administrator.

ark survival evolved commander program


Hopefully this tutorial will serve you in the administration of your ARK server , and will simplify your life!

ARK commander download

ARK survival evolved download from below

ARK Commander holds an up to date list of entities, dinos and mods that you can spawn with a simple ‘double-click’ plus many other useful functions.

ARK Commander is a Portable executable link below



ARK commander FAQS (Frequently asked Questions)

What is ARK commander Software?
Ark Commander is 3rd party program  for the (Computer) PC version of ARK:Survival Evolved.

It enables you to master the games console window by simplifying the task of cheating.  However you will require server admin password for Commander tool to work.  But having said that, single player on the other hand does not require admin password for commander work.

When do I need ARK commander Program

It is not the necessary requirement however a tool that will simplify your life in ARK game. If you want to build large scale houses/villages/weird stuff without indulging in the game play mechanic of collecting items first, than this tool is for you.


What about…
ARK in Fullscreen mode?

No, do not use commander software in Fullscreen mode. Its only going to work in Windowed-Fullscreen mode.


RCON support?

Will be introduced soon. Commander tool will be integrated with steamkit to pad out user information.


Can i Add my own Mods?

At this level, addition of new mod entries are vetted by makers in order to ensure continuity across the database. In near future, all the users will be allowed to contribute their own mods using new system called The Hive.


Is this a mod? Do I need to subscribe?

No commander is not a Mod but a software actullay. You need to run and install it along with the ARK game. Its a helping app that communicates to game through game console.


Talks to Commander, how?
Commander targets the ARK window by it’s internal Windows handle (window name), this allows Commander to raise the console and push strings to the game window.


What about BattlEye?
The software does not interfere with memory or the ShooterGame.exe, the method employed is called .Net InputSimulator and a quick Google will explain the technical details.

The ark commander does not conflict with shootergame.exe or memory. The technique used is called .Net input simulator. In order to know about the technical details, you can google it.


Xbone and PS4
If it were possible, it would happen. Anything is possible.

Ark commander not working

It’s not working! What do I do?

The commander stores commands or commands in an extra database under “My Documents / Ark CommanderMX Data” on your PC. If custom commands have been saved, you must back up 2 files before you update the ARK Commander:

  • CustomCommands.csv
  • MapBookmarks.xlsx

Erase everything else in the folder so it’s empty. After an update, you have to restore the two files back into the data folder “My Documents / Ark CommanderMX Data”. If the Commander is now running, the missing files are also updated.


The list of Mods supported in ARK COMMANDER

(3663 entities in total!)

The latest Mods added!

  • More Crafting Ark II
  • Carts and Wagons
  • ecoInWonderland Compiled by tednik
  • The Middles Ages Compiled by tednik
  • Triangles Compiled by tednik / Lewimaron
  • Platforms Plus Compiled by tednik / Lewimaron
  • Pillars Plus Compiled by tednik / Lewimaron
  • Versatile Raft Compiled by tednik
  • Redwoods Anywhere Compiled by tednik
  • Snappy Saddles
  • Extendable Ladders
  • Fast Ladders
  • Wireless Fusion Core Generator
  • Ferrats Panels 2.0.2c
  • Dino Colors More Compiled by tednik

ARK commander Supported Mods

  • Advanced Architecture Updated on 22 May
  • Aku Shima Updated on 22 May
  • Aku Shima Electronics Compiled by tednik
  • Aku Shima JSG Standalone Compiled by tednik
  • Aku Shima RWT Standalone
  • Aku Shima Storage Options Compiled by tednik
  • Annunaki Genesis 3.9.5 Updated on 22 May
  • ARK Advance 9.1.1 Updated 22 May
  • Ark Fog Remover Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Ark Futurism
  • Ark Jail Mod Compiled by tednik
  • ARK Steampunk Mod Updated on 22 May
  • AutoTorch Compiled by tednik
  • AutoTrough Compiled by tednik
  • Better Lights
  • Big Raft Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Big Walls Compiled by tednik
  • Bridge
  • Build Time Updated on May 22
  • Building Xtras
  • Bush Peoples v4 Updated on 03 May
  • Corrected Structures 0.8
  • Dynamic Colors Compiled by Lewimaron
  • ecoTrees
  • Extra ARK
  • Extra ARK 2.0 Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Extra ARK: Doors
  • Garden Xtras
  • Gate Mod
  • Glow Rails Compiled by tednik
  • Homing Pigeon Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Hypnotoad Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Industrial Grinder Compiled by Lewimaron
  • InfiBed Compiled by tednik
  • Infinite Flare Gun Updated on 18 July Compiled by tednik
  • Joan’s Bulk Crafters
  • Joan’s Dragon God Mod
  • Joan’s Egg n Poop Collector & Incubator
  • Joan’s Oil Compressor Compiled by tednik
  • Joan’s Pet Companions
  • Joan’s Photon Sentry n Tranq Rifle
  • Jurassic Ark Kibble Vending Machine Compiled by tednik
  • Kilrath’s Super Epic Boat Mod Compiled by Lewimaron
  • LPS Small Power
  • Many New Items
  • Metal Cages Mod 2.0 Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Metal with Glass Set Updated on April 09
  • Minecraft Xtras
  • Monkey Maze Updated on April 22
  • MRRadTools.INC Content Pack
  • Multi Weapon Attachments + Tranq Rifle Compiled by tednik
  • Offline Raid Protection Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Pimp my Dino Updated on 18 July
  • Pipes-N-Cables Compiled by tednik
  • Pirate World
  • Planting
  • Primitive Plus Updated on 02 May
  • Pub Decor Mod
  • Pufferfish Mod Compiled by Lewimaron
  • RampX Compiled by tednik
  • RAWR Beacons Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Recycle Compiled by tednik
  • Resource Crops Last updated: 16th July
  • Reusable Grappling Hook Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Reusable Plus Compiled by tednik
  • Roofing Plus
  • Saixang Compiled by tednik
  • Sevens Tranq Kit
  • Shopping Mod v1.87
  • Silent Generator Compiled by tednik
  • SillyGnome’s Infinite Flare Guns Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Simple Fences / Guard Rails
  • Slay Ride Lift Kit v2.0 Compiled by tednik
  • Small Dragons
  • Small Gates Compiled by tednik
  • Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls 4.2 Updated on May 22
  • Stargate Atlantis Updated on April 06
  • STARK WARS Updated on April 22
  • Temple Xtras
  • The Ark Game of Thrones
  • The Middle Ages
  • Underwater Base Mod Compiled by Lewimaron
  • Utility Saddles
  • Valentines Xtras

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