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ARK custom Recipes

The winner ARK custom recipes that helps in various situations. I will present a series of ARK survival evolved custom Recipes from the simplest to the most sophisticated that will help you during a raid.

ARK custom Recipes


Let’s start with the base, making a small summary of the properties of the different meats available in the game for tame animals:

Raw meat : In “fed strength”, it restores 5 health and 50 points of food.

Cooked meat : In “fed strength”, it restores 10 health and 25 points of food.

Cooked prime meat : In “fed strength”, it restores 10 health and 25 points of food.

The case of daeodon

ARK daeodon

This nursing warthog helps to quickly cure your animals but this property soon gives him hungry. It should be noted that daeodon consumes food differently than other carnivores. I propose a small table showing the different types of food and the number of food items they give to daeodon.

Custom Recipers ARK

In conclusion

For your carnivorous creature, favor meat cooked with raw meat. It gives more life during the “fed strength” and restores the daeodon food more quickly.

The Space Cakes

Let’s take a look at the delicious cakes with the vegetables of Granny Simone

ARK best custom recipes the space cakes

They serve to tame buying and ovis but not only. These small delights given to a tame herbivore restore for 20 seconds not less than 10% of the maximum health of the creature, with a maximum of 2100 points of life per swallowed cake. You will have to wait 30 seconds between each cake. Herbivores will consume them automatically when their health is no longer 85%.

How to create recipes for human warriors?

There are several recipes that will help you to conduct a raid in the best conditions. They will restore your energy and health or turn you into a sniper …

The Medical Brew

Best ARK customized recipes The Medical Brew

She heals the player, restoring 40 life to 5 seconds. There is no waiting time between each potion.

The Energy Brew

This elixir keeps the energy (Stamina) of the player. The latter gains 40 energy points every 5 seconds. This potion can be consumed during a race when you are trying to escape or if you have to travel long distances without having to stop to rest. For the health potion, there is no waiting period between each intake.

The Energy Brew ARK self recipe

Chile of the Concentration (Focal Chile)

This recipe increases your speed by 25% and your Crafting Skill by 100% for 15 minutes. Very useful before the raid if you have ascending blueprints to try to make better objects.

Chile of the Concentration

The Endurance Stew (Enduro Stew)  (Simplest ARK recipes Custom)

This mixture, once consumed, increases the regeneration of health, energy and provides a melee damage bonus to the player. The effect lasts 15 minutes and regenerates 1.2 life every second if you suffer damage. It is impossible to eat several stews at once.

ARK survival evolved custom recipe The Endurance Stew

The Tartar of Battle (Battle Tartar)

This meat has a “buff” effect on several stats of the player. Once swallowed, Tartar gives you + 60% in your melee damage, + 50% in your speed, increases your resistance by 15% and accelerates the regeneration of your energy. However, you consume your food or water 50% faster. The effect lasts 180 seconds, during which you lose 0.45 hit points per second, for a total of 90 hit points each time you take a tartare … So consume with moderation.

The Night Vision Steak (Shadow Steak Saute)

This steak increases your resistance to hypothermia and hyperthermia by 50 points and your sensitivity to light allowing you to see in the dark. It also reduces viewfinder tremors when you hold a weapon for better shot accuracy. The effect lasts 180 seconds, or 3 minutes.

This recipe is very useful also if you want to visit a dark cellar placed in a hostile climate.

The recipes of Tatie Aza.

It is possible to create your own recipe in Ark.

How to create a ARK customized recipe?

  • Create a note
  • Put it in a hanging pot (cooking pot)
  • Put the selected ingredients into the pot
  • Close Inventory
  • Hold ‘E’ to display the options and select ‘Make Recipe’.
  • A menu appears: choose the name of the recipe and its appearance and description.
  • Click on ‘Make Recipe’

The recipe is now in your inventory. You can transfer it to a hanging pot or Industrial Cooker to reproduce it at your convenience.

Note : Putting points in the skill: crafting skill increases your chances of generating better recipes. Note that this only works on custom recipes.

Some examples of recipes

Warrior Snack 
Restores 120 points of food per 100 life points.

La Boit-Sans-Soif
Ideal for scorched earth, it gives 100 water points.

The Super Burger (One of best ARK Custom Recipe )
It restores life, food and energy at the same time.

So ark game loving friends!! now you hold the ARK custom recipes for the success of a good raid. Good game cooks!


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