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ARK fast leveling: Proceed quickly tips

ARK fast leveling – A guide on how to quickly or faster pumping /leveling for players who are just starting to play in ARK Survival Evolved.

ark fast leveling fastest way to level in ark

ARK survival evolved fast leveling

  • You can easily pump from 1 to 15 levels, crafting Cloth Hat.
  • After that, the best time to tame
  • Raptor, because you will collect a lot of Narcoberry | Drug and extract meat from the Dodo.
  • Once you have reached level 15, one of the fastest ways to raise the level above is killing many Dinosaurs with your tamed Raptor. Try to kill more Stegosaurus, since they give more XP. Do not try to kill Spinoza | Spinosaurus or Rex Tyrannosaurus, since you will lose your Raptor!
  • After you have raised the level a little more – you can make Tranquil arrows | Tranquilizer Arrow and go tame Spinoza or Tirex. For Spino need about 20-30 tranquil arrows. Best of all, if you have a partner for shooting tranquil arrows. After you tame the Spinoza. Ask in the chat for help in creating a saddle for the Spinosaur, or try to get this saddle from the drop rays.
  • After you have a Spinosaur and a saddle for it – go and destroy all the dinosaurs without stopping.
  • Murder of Brontosaurus will give you about 20 xp. Killing Tirex or Spinoza will give you an experience of + 40! Stegosaurus does not give much XP, only if they are above a certain level.

ARK leveling up fast Details from 1-30 level

While you are just starting ark, you must consciousness on gaining knowledge of the game. Move around and also you’ll see that you’ll succeed without an excessive amount of effort. Additionally, don’t be afraid to die; it’ll happen a lot inside the beginning (we all had that problem). The best thing is that you wont lose your development upon death. You can still kill enemies/creatures  to get your gear returned or craft gadgets / build a base again.

  • Some other tips for fastest way to level in ark
  • Get experience from doing nothing.
  • Discover the island: simply walk around, craft some stuff, locate a few berries to devour, create a small hut; simply some thing to make yourself relaxed as you will be spending quite a few time at the island 😉
  • Crafting vital objects together with base materials (particularly the wooden stuff) for a small base.
  • Crafting notes or material hats. Both the observe and hat deliver 1 exp, for extremely small quantity of assets. The be aware is a touch inexpensive (3x thatch, 1x fiber) than the material hat (10x fiber), however you will want to cancel a “write word” message whenever you craft one.
  • Crafting narcotics! This is the first-class way as it offers 2 experience in keeping with craft and is quite short. Simply make a couple of pestles and fill them up with narcoberries and spoiled meat (5x narcoberry, 1x spoiled meat). With a stack of one hundred spoiled meat, you have to upload 500 narcoberries as a way to create a hundred narcotics. To make it quicker, it’s far advised to divide your quantities over extraordinary mortars as you will then craft them in parallel and get the maximum enjoy / 2d. Note that you don’t want to be in range of the mortar to get the experience, so just placed everything in and press the ‘craft all’ button and cross on with collecting more spoiled meat and berries even as you get experience.
  • From level 15 on you’ll additionally be capable of craft rafts. The assets for it are not too hard to get (250x wooden, 125x fiber, 75x hide) and it offers an inexpensive amount of enjoy (ninety one to be genuine). The needed assets might appear like a lot, but in comparison to the garage boxes you’ll need much less wood to get the same amount of revel in (round 25 storages containers for ninety one enjoy equals 625 wooden!)
  • Get yourself a cooking pot and craft the brand new (considering the fact that v238) dish: broth of enlightenment. This can come up with 1.5x enjoy for 20 minutes. The recipe is as follows:2x Each vegetable (Citronal, Longrass, etc.)1x Black Pearl

    1x Waterskin

    5x Rhino Horn

  • 10x Mejoberry,

ARK fast leveling Medium levels (30-60)

Now you know the basic stuff, you should try some advanced stuff now:

  • The rules applies to initial levels still apply to the , as they are all excellent approaches to get some clean revel in.
  • Kill bugs: locate an easy dino target to kill, and leave its carcass laying round. After a touch whilst, it must appeal to bugs that you can then kill. Keep an eye on your health, and specially maintain a watch on your dinos, as you may yourself get killed in case you don’t pay attention!
  • Build a pleasant base (ideally timber or stone) and gain experience as constructing your dream home!
  • Kill alphas (however be careful). The best way to do it is to find a spot where it cannot reach you and you can hit them with a bow / crossbow. With the recent updates they might run away, so this makes it a bit more difficult to drag off these days. Another method is to get a high stage rex / spino / giga and go after them with that.

Fastest way to level in ark High levels (60-94)

At this stage there are no easy tricks and tips left. The main thing to do goes on killing sprees, as that gives you maximum experience.

  • Kill alphas
  • Just go on a killing spree with a rex / spino and kill the whole lot you see. Shop the meat that you get from this, so you can allow it smash later on and use it for crafting narcotics.
  • Construct the largest base you’ve ever seen and get experience while crafting.
  • As constantly, the broth of enlightenment may be used to get yourself 1.5x enjoy.

These are just few options for ARK fast leveling.  You can always write your own guide, go through an easy authorization process on the site, all the features of publications in your profile.

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