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ARK Lantern Pug

If you’re looking for a friend, the cute “Lantern Pug” will keep the darkness at bay. It will be released in the upcoming aberration pack 2017.

ARK Lantern Pug taming location statistcs and kibble

More details will be added once aberration pack is released


ARK Lantern Pug is carnivorous fish determined fairly usually within the rivers and ponds of the island. Its bite is distinctly effective; i have even seen them smash via the armored turtles of the island. Lantern Pug has one of the strongest bites, pound-for-pound, of any creature at the island.

ARK Lantern Pug Statistics

When encountering a Lantern Pug  be in search of the relaxation of the school. Nobody megapiranha is an awesome chance, but their tendency to swarm prey can make short paintings of tons larger and stronger creatures. Any given Lantern Pug is straightforward to kill, however killing the complete college may be a frightening project.

ARK survival evolved Lantern Pug taming

Like some of the other creatures at the island, a tamed Lantern Pug is quality desirable as a protect. Their high metabolism makes them require extra meals than many other creatures, however they are very adept at looking their own food, particularly the coelacanths.

Lantern Pug Kibble 

Very aggressive to some thing this is of their immediately place, they may even assault the effective tyrannosaurus, even though these attacks usually show futile. Megapiranha generally tend to stay in groups of 4-5. In such numbers, they are able to tear via weak armor in a count of seconds. Players who cross massive our bodies of water frequently find more than one colleges converging on them, which can show a hassle even for the most superior of gamers.
Look[edit can be a risky proposition, particularly while the fearsome megapiranha is within the vicinity. As massive as a coelacanth and some distance extra aggressive, these fish generally tour in small groups to seek, swarming vulnerable and wounded animals in a flurry of snapping jaws and cutting teeth. The megapiranha’s hard skin and violent behavior make it unmistakable for every other fish species.

ARK Lantern Pug location. How to find Lantern Pug

This section shows the piranha’s natural hues and regions. For demonstration, the regions under are coloured pink over an albino piranha. The colored squares shown below each vicinity’s description are the colours that the piranha will randomly spawn with to provide an universal range of its herbal colour scheme. Hover your cursor over a shade to show its name and identification.
Server admins can use this vicinity facts in the console command “cheat settargetdinocolor <ColorRegion>

Lantern Pug ark Spawn command 

Popular edit they have pretty low fitness. Make sure which you do no longer live nearby them for goodbye, as others will swim over and pile themselves on. At that point, it will become risky. Stepping away from the water removes them as a danger totally.
Strategy[edit variety supplied via a pike or spear to poke at the megapiranha from a distance. If feasible, entice them to the shore and get them caught in the shallows. It is not realistic to apply a ranged weapon, as they swerve regularly, and handiest crossbows paintings underwater. Earlier than crossing a river just get deep enough to see underwater and look around for piranha, 

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