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Stats & Color ARK Mutations explained

Today we are going to discuss how and why to get mutations in Ark survival evolved. ARK mutations are breeding mechanic which can vary the qualities and stats of the new born dino. Currently two main types of ark mutations are in use. ARK color mutations and mutations for stats. In the game so far, the chances for natural ARK mutation for all dinosaurs are only 2.5%.
After recent ARK update (v252), there is a possibility to have mutations. It is also possible to have access to a tree of generation (ancestral line) for each dinosaur that you made hatched Egg or birth. Personally, I took a lot of time to do it. Especially after recent updates in ARK, it is now necessary to have dinosaurs above average, and for that it is necessary to make Babies!
baby dino after ARK breeding mutation

Effect of ARK mutations on dinosaurs?

Of course, when we speak of mutation we remain in the realm of the possible. Do not expect a tutorial to teach your T-rex how to steal.
There are two main reasons for pushing you to provoke mutations in the ARK

ARK statistics mutations

At the time of writing this article, be aware that a ARK survival evolved mutations can never be negative. Your dinosaur baby can randomly have a mutation in his statistics upward, depending on the level and type of dinosaur that can be interesting. Do not underestimate any mutations; a dinosaur with a lot of oxygen will swim fast, while a dinosaur that mutates its weight statistics will help in attack on another base. Etc. In short, one of the possible types of mutation is the mutation of statistics on the rise.

ARK color mutations

Apart from the mutations in statistics, there is also another type of mutation available at the moment: physical mutations. No, I’m not talking about two-headed sheep, T-rex without arms or woolly rhino without horn! The only physical mutations possible at the moment is ARK color type mutation.
Colors often flash, class, glam, swag, in short mostly exclusive colors for these dinos! Who has dreamed of a green penguin or a pink Bronto?
May be not all types of players feel interested, but this can be part of your long-term goals. Get the dinosaur with a very good level and perfect (and natural, without foundation) colors. While waiting to have a scenario in the game, I give you a possible quest annex! Do not thank me too quickly, It’s not easy to get mutations!
WARNING ! Too much mutation kills the mutation, has force to seek to absolutely mutate your dinosaurs you can end up with monsters of various colors.
ARK mutations resultant dino when it went wrong

Limitations of ARK breeding mutations

In ARK survival evolved game, total 20 parental plus 20 maternal mutations are allowed for a bred creature. The maximum number of mutations (20) also includes ark random mutations. In random mutations ARK, the desired color or stat of the baby is not optimized,
Due to the bar on the number of ark breeding mutations, it is important to gain maximum benefit from these limited mutations.

ARK survival evolved mutations tip for optimize dino

First thing, mutations are …uncommon whatever happens. Like many things in Ark, it will take your patience.
To have mutations it is necessary to specialize in ARK breeding. If you make 1 egg per week of pteranodon it will take time. And we must be rigorous, who is the child of whom, who has such or such base stat, who are cousins, who are savages of bases and so on.
So you have to organize your small farm and maximize the couplings. Then everything is a matter of luck. However, it would seem that you can maximize your chances of having mutations by favoring inbreeding. Indeed, consanguinity seems to be the more or less regular source of mutation.
According to our personal research, ark color mutations are much more frequent than mutations in stats.
Here are some examples of ARK mutations from the library of our ARK guide and tips.
  an example of improved dino ivia ARK survival evolved mutation ARK mutation for stats to improve stats of baby dino ARK color mutation to get new colors in baby dino

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