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ARK wyvern egg: Hatching, location, steal

There’ currently no way to tame a live, adult wyvern. Instead, you have to grab an egg and raise a wyvern from birth in order to tame one of these majestic airborne beasts.

How to get a wyvern egg in ark

Stealing A Wyvern Egg

Above the mountains beside the red and blue obelisks is a trench area going along the length separating the two towers. At the base, there is a lava river and  a canyon totally full to the top with deadly wyverns.

The area which you should be looking for is the World Scar whose altitudes are: 75 Latitude, 25 Longitude. If you find out glowing red river and dark black columns, it means you have come the right place.

ark wyvern egg location schorched earth

Worldscar Map Location

To the left and right side of hollowed areas of the canyon, where most are empty, but some carry nest that spawn eggs of ark wyvern. You can find eggs in the entire ravine but there is one recommended place where you can consistently discover eggs is the wall hollows in middle of two land bridges at the middle of river lava. 

 Aerial view of the ravine location with wyvern eggs

Approaching this place by foot may be feasible but may be more troublesome that its worth. The best method is to take your tamed flying dinosaur and find a  moment of break between Wyvern flights. In that instant seize Wyvern egg and escape quickly.

When you pick up an egg, all the near by Wyverns will attack you so you must be prepared. One option is to plan a fast escape route using a quick dino. If that is not feasible option, to to produce some home rocket missiles if you surpassed level 75.

Stealing An Egg

Wyvern eggs are of various types.

  • Wyvern Fire egg

ark fire wyvern egg ark wyvern egg incubation

  • PoisionWyvern eggArk wyvern egg poision ark wyvern spawn command

  • Lightning egg Wyvern

ark wyvern egg lightning how to get wyvern egg

  • Ice Wyvern egg

    ark wyvern egg ice ark wyvern egg hatching

All of these types produce baby Wyvern. Not all these eggs comes in same level. You will find them in different. If you could able to fly across the lava river without being seized by wyverns, try to find out one that’s a high starting level.

ARK wyvern egg spawn command  spawn wyvern egg, 

cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Test/PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Wyvern_Fertilized_Fire.PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Wyvern_Fertilized_Fire'” 1 0 0

Name Stack Size Blueprint Path
Wyvern Egg Fire 1 PrimalItemConsumable_







Wyvern Egg Lightning 1 PrimalItemConsumable








Wyvern Egg Poison 1 PrimalItemConsumable








ARK Wyvern egg hatching (How to hatch a wyvern egg) 

So after you have finally stolen wyvern egg and dont plan on eating it (lol) so what next?. So question is how to hatch a  wyvern egg ark ? It require heat, lots of heat to hatch. In context of a normal day, when there is not any cold event, following will be enough for ark hatching wyvern egg

  • Campfires – 15
  • Air conditioners – 10-12

 Placing an egg on campfire heat

ARK wyvern egg incubation,  wyvern egg incubation ark

Make sure you put your egg in the center ( be certain to drop egg and dont select “use” in the inventory else you might eat the egg accidentally). If you use correct temperature, incubation flag will be displayed by the egg.

You now need to put extra heat source however that needs to be turned on at night when temperature goes down. To check the progress of ark wyvern egg hatching, continuously check the incubation bar at the bottom.

 This bar just absolutely crawls at a snail’s pace

Since the process of ark hatching wyvern egg not instant, you should be ready with enough of the supplies in defensible mode well before time since you want wyvern egg incubation and hatching to be completed.

Because it takes so long for an egg to hatch, you will need to be ready with plenty of supplies in a defensible position ahead of time, as you don’t want to leave your egg unattended. Once the massively long incubation process comes to a close and your wyvern hatches, it has to be fed wyvern milk . So you are going back world scar area.

Wyvern milk is yielded from unconscious wyvern female or dead aplha wyvern. Bring them back to baby wyvern however beware that wyvern mil spoils as quick as other food items on Scorched Earth.

 A brand new baby wyvern!

Ark wyvern egg incubation time

It will take

  • 5hrs to hatch,
  • 9hrs 15 min from baby to juvenile,
  • 37 hours from juvenile to adolecent
  • 46 hours 17 min to adult.

ARK highest level Wyvern egg, ark max level wyvern egg, ark wyvern egg level

The highest level of the egg’s parents is the ideal tame level on Scorched Earth of 180 (120 X 150%). Alpha wyverns can also lay eggs, increasing the maximum to 190.

On my server, where wyvern highest level is 150.

ARK Wyvern Egg locations

ARK scorched earth wyvern egg

Wyvern Eggs can be discovered in The World Scar near the red and blue obelisks. Along the walls many depressions are threre, some of them will carry a nest with wyvern eggs. Beware that when stealing an egg, the surrounding wild wyvers will start fo attack you.

I also found them

  • Altitudes 33.6 68.8 following  the hollowed tree on the side of tiny cliff is a common nest point.
  • Stone fangs  33.7 35.7
  • On the ice area just south of Viking Bay.

Ice Wyvern Egg Locations (Ragnarok)

1) 47,1 51,7
2) 42,7 55,2
3) 44,4 58,9
4) 33,5 68,8

Wyvern egg spawn rate,

In my experience, they respawn the nests after every 45 minutes. So fly away, and return back in an hour

ARK survival wyvern egg disappear when dropped

 It sucks too, it was a natural 148/148 blue egg

Advice: Don’t drop more egg in the same area. Construct a hatchery in another spot.

Also red Ark wyvern statistics location and other tips 

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