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ARK: Aberration will release 27th October 2017

ark Aberration 2017

In ARK: Aberration, the survivors will wake up on an abandoned, faulty ARK with a thoughtful underground biome system where they will face new challenges, unlike anything else: radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplain, wingsuits, rock climbing, cave dwellings, charging batteries and much more, as well as unusual new creatures waiting in mysterious depths. But beware […]

ARK ACM Tutorial (Admin command menu)

ark acm tutorial How to use ARK acm

This ARK ACM tutorial  include ACM commands ARK ACM bulk import guide Adding more Mods ACM not working what to do  ARK ACM originally stands for Admin Command menu but with some recent advancement and its success, it is now called Advanced command Menu. It is more convenience streamlined and advanced replacement of ARK’s build […]

ARK scorched earth map resources

ark scorched earth map featured

ARK Scorched Earth is the first Map paying the game Ark Survival . As its name indicates it is a hostile and devastated land. Composed mainly of deserts and canyons (strongly reminiscent of the Australian desert) life is rough. Sandstorm, solar flare and overwhelming heat will be your companions. A few oases will allow you to survive. It is also a map of legend because you will […]

ARK Valhalla Map, oil and Caves

ark valhalla mod

Today, second article about the ARK Valhalla mod of the game Ark: Survival Evolved. What is the mod?  The mod is a modified version of a game, characters from sets or game cards have been changed. Do not hesitate ! If you have Mods to propose us, your creations, contact us and you will pass […]

A guide: Make ARK mod yourself

how to make an ark mod featured

In this article we will discuss, how to make ark mod yourself. How to use modding tools in ARK survival evolved game. Also include an explanatory guide on making mode in ARK survival evolved. How to make a mod for ark survival evolved As you should know, the Modding tool for Ark Survival Evolved game […]

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