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ARK: Aberration will release 27th October 2017

In ARK: Aberration, the survivors will wake up on an abandoned, faulty ARK with a thoughtful underground biome system where they will face new challenges, unlike anything else: radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplain, wingsuits, rock climbing, cave dwellings, charging batteries and much more, as well as unusual new creatures waiting in mysterious depths. But beware of “Nameless”: inexorable, filled with humanoid elements, which turned into evil, hating light monsters! You will reveal the final secrets of ARK and find out what awaits you in the future.

The strongest will survive!

ark Aberration 2017


ARK: Aberration: Damaged ARK

ARK: Aberration

Aberration sends the survivors to the damaged ARK, where the lack of internal atmosphere has led to strong radiation, the formation of a rough terrain and an abundance of lush biomes underground. All this – the systems for providing a faulty ARK, various disasters, creatures and the nature of the environment – represents a new exciting world, open to exploration and development.

ARK: Aberration

ARK: Aberration: Tame new creatures

ARK: Aberration

The strong radiation of “Aberration” led to incredible genetic mutations, which resulted in new creatures with amazing abilities! Among other things, climb the walls and glide through the air on the back of the “Chameleon”, like a rocky drake, do not stay in the clutches of darkness with the “Luminous Pug”, grab and throw several creatures at once with the help of a massive “Cave Crab”, or – if you you can tame at least one of them – run the vile “Nameless Queen” to implant in your enemies terribly reproductive, escaping from the chest creatures!

ARK: Aberration

ARK: Aberration: Create 50+ new items

ARK: Aberration

To survive in the world of Aberration, new tools are available, opening up many opportunities for new competitive and collaborative scenarios. Explore ARK, using climbing ice axes, wingsuits and ziplines. Study advanced engrams to dominate the harsh conditions of the local environment, protect yourself with chemical protection equipment, charge lanterns, create bursting cartridges, batteries, luminous sticks, electromagnetic guns and much more. Thrive by collecting new resources, using fishing baskets, gas builders, fortify your house in caves, using buildings on rocks, and much more!

ARK: Aberration

ARK: Aberration: Accept New Challenges

ARK: Aberration

Earthquakes, radiation, gas leakage and element chambers are some of the many dangers that survivors will learn when entering the new “Aberration” biomes, both on the surface and under it. But among the biggest problems on this ruined ARK is the hierarchy of inexorable Nameless ones, for protection from which constant vigilance and energy are required!

ARK: Aberration

And in the most sinister depths of “Aberration”, you are awaited by a terrible lord … are you strong enough to meet him?

Season pass

“Aberration” will be available as a separate DLC ($ 1150 ($ 19.99)), and within the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass. Owners of ARK Season Pass / Explorer’s Edition will receive exclusive skins from the world of “Aberration”, and in the coming days on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

The helmet “Aberration”, formed from a damaged obsidian ARK similar to an underground stone, creates an unimaginable impression on the survivors who wear it.

ARK: Aberration

The “Aberration” sword, forged from the Element crystals, which are in the deepest ARK chambers, emits a subtle radiance to cast fear on your enemies.

ARK: Aberration


PAX West!

ARK: Aberration Addition ARK Survival Evolved

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