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ARK Valhalla Map, oil and Caves

Today, second article about the ARK Valhalla mod of the game Ark: Survival Evolved.

What is the mod? 

The mod is a modified version of a game, characters from sets or game cards have been changed.

Do not hesitate ! If you have Mods to propose us, your creations, contact us and you will pass in the next episodesūüôā

ark valhalla mod

How to play a mod?

All depends on the mod you want to play, you just have to subscribe and all the downloads are done without problem. Warning ! This could also remove your old characters on ARK.

We have specially created for this a tutorial that you will find in the Wiki Ark the link is below ūüôā

Tuto – How to install a mod on its server

Discover the Valhalla ARK!

I propose this week a map totally modified by its creator  Excited Kangaroo, and even breathtaking! Rebuilt from the original map of Valhalla. The surface of the map is about 2 to 3 higher than the standard ARK map. Same for water is about 4 to 6 larger than the standard card. (We plan to do a lot in the water).

A lot of updating its done regularly on the mod, such as adding crystals, smaller rocks, underwater areas, pearls. Multiple crash correction of rain, reducing lag in some areas. In short a mod always evolving!

You can download the mod here.

Small presentation of the mod in video:

The completion is about 60%, It is strongly recommended to play on one of the dedicated servers that I present below:


  • DarkDolphin RP
  • 15Mods of Kustom
  • Republic [SA] Gamers
  • [FR] Lunae
  • [DE] Survival Island
  • The Reeplex


  • NoctemOculus
  • ArkTown
  • Alphawolf

Join the server

Atention! There may be errors in your Mods files then you must delete your LOCAL mapmod folder and the .mod file. In Steam / SteamApps / common / ARK / ShooterGame / content / mods, 504122600, otherwise you are ready to play!

ARK Valhalla map

ark valhalla map


ARK Valhalla caves

Valhalla ark map displays different details including cave locations, oil patches, pearls and other resources.

ARR Valhalla caves location, resources and other relevant details are given below.

Ice cave

Large cave with two entrances. There are some tunnels underwater which ends in different rooms. Pinguins can be found walking the cave however some inside water as well.

Coordinates of the entrances
1st  : 83.6 / 40.2
2nd : 82.2 / 40.6

WIP Volcano cave 
Has two near entrances with coordinates –
1st : 09.4 / 86.5
2nd: 09.3 / 85.6

Swamp cave

It is a large cave. Along with few creatures, water, plants, oil, silica pearls and trees are also present.  Coords are 52.2 / 68.8

Small cave:

A tiny cave having nothing inside. Coords are 55.1 / 36.0

Huge cave:

The are four different passages to get inside this cave

From Ocean: You can enter with water dino except Mosasaurs. This one doesnt fit in. Coords 61.4 / 91.1 

From Land: All land dinos can enter and fit in. Coords 62.9 / 87.2

Flying Entrance : All flying dinos can penetrate and fit. Coords 64.2 / 89.0

Waterfall Entrance: 

The forgotten cave:

It is a tiny cave. There are no special creature or resources inside it.

Coords are 53.1 / 55.8
Mountain Cave coords:

Little cave and empty from inside.

Coordinates: 40.2 / 34.3

Under Mountain Cave coords: 

A large cave with some useful resources inside. It contains water/stones/crystals/bushes/trees

Coordinates: 37.3 / 33.8

Underground Cave:

Little cave with 2 entrances and contains lots of water.

Coordinates: 16.2 / 51.0

Floating island cave: 26.1 / 56.8

There’s a lake just at the entrance of the cave.

Under waterfall cave: Coordinates 63.7 / 79.8
Small waterfall cave:  Coordinates 32.1 / 49.6
Floating Island РCoordinates 26.0 / 54.7

Underwater cave:

As the name suggest, water is all over in this cave. It is impossible to survive and explore without scuba gear or lvls on oxygen. There is no loot inside other than crystals however there are patches of silica pearls and oil in the vicinity.
Coordinates: 56.8 / 54.4

I hope it would be easy for you to find ARK Valhalla map caves.

Small island underwater cave:

This cave is different from previously discussed because it contains a lot of silica Pearls inside and in its vicinity. The is hole in the center of the cave filled with water. This cave can only be explored if you have SCUBA GEAR. There are two entrances to this cave. One is through the water and other is from the cave. There are also oil nodes in its vicinity.

Coordinates Р59.6 / 52.7

Huge cave  (1 from water & 2 from land)

This large cave have 3 entrances
Land entrance Coordinates:  85.7 / 29.7
Water entrance Coordinates: 86.4 / 29.2
Land entrance Coordinates : 2: 84.6 / 27.5

There is no booty inside.

ARK Valhalla oil locations

Where can I find Oil patches in ARK survival evolved Valhalla map?

Oil in Valhalla mod map can be found in north east, south and West deep in the water mostly near the huge mountains and rocks.

Oil nodes are located in or around the following Valhalla ARK caves.

  • Small island
  • Mjolnir Cave
  • Ice Flow Island
  • Swamp cave
  • Underwater cave

Valhalla map ARK TIPS

  • Plenty of the sea is undeveloped, so acquiring oil¬†and pearls can be a challenging task. especially if you do not live near any of the three spots. These tasks may be discovered in. ¬†
  • Majority of the mountains have metal and obsidian. The rocks may be a bit harder. They are smaller than normal and mostly covered with snow.
  • It is preferable to build in the north west near the mountains next o the lake.¬†Water falls and flowered cherry trees are¬†adorable.
  • I recommend to start living on a raft initially. Use it as a base to explore all those areas you wished for. I park my dinosaurs on the top and out of the reach from those lands where i log out.
  • Valhalla map is so interesting that i anticipated.¬†¬†After playing Valhalla, ¬†you will realize that it is more like battle ground rather than just a survival island.
  • Turned up rates make a big difference, too. I couldn’t imagine trying to grind out at normal rates on this big of a map.

ARK Valhalla mod is one of the famous ARK survival evolved game modes. It is highly interesting and worth playing.

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