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A guide: Make ARK mod yourself

How to make a mod for ark survival evolved

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Make ark mod or Custom Map

  1. Register here:
  2. Register here:
  3. Go to your profile on the Unreal Engine site ( ), and add the name of your Github account. You should receive an email from Unreal Engine. Accept the Github invitation.
  4. Download the kit here:

You will be able to either unzip the downloaded ZIP file directly to the right place or to drop the file at the root of the installation files of your ARK DEV KIT. Extract the ZIP file and make sure that the UE4Editor.exe and UE4Editor-Cmd.exe files respect the following tree:

ARK Dev Kit \ Engine \ Binaries \ Win64 \ UE4Editor.exe

ARK Dev Kit \ Engine \ Binaries \ Win64 \ UE4Editor-Cmd.exe

Do not worry if you unzip or place these files in the wrong place. You can copy and move these files afterwards so that they respect the given tree.

When you are ready to create and publish your own map on the Steam Workshop, here is the basic process:

Make sure that your map and any new content (blueprints, graphic assets, any new asset) that is used to be properly placed in “/ Content / Mods / YourModernName /.

Then click the “Cook & Upload to Steam” button in the editor toolbar.
toolbar to make mod for ark survival evolved In the window that appears just after the previous step, you will see a list of your Mods. The are only visible if they are in the folder “/ Content / Mods / Name of your Mod /”. Otherwise they will not be displayed – they must be in the Subfolder Mods!. Choose your Mod and then click on “Cook”. The first time you prepare your Mod, the program needs to compile the shaders and cache elements of the game.  You need to wait about 30 minutes to see more. However, the next build of your Mods will be much faster. It is because the compiled shaders will be cached on the hard drive.
ark mods creating
After the build is complete, enter a name and description for your Mod, choose a presentation image and the initial status of your Mod on the Workshop (private or public), and then click “Upload”. You will be prompted to enter your Steam login information (do not worry we do not store them), and then the software will connect to Steam and try to upload your content to the Workshop. An indicator will display the progress of your upload so you know how it progresses.

After the upload is complete, you can click on the “View Item on Steam Workshop”. With this button you can adjust and refine the presentation of your Mod on the site.

To update your content later, simply click Cook and Upload again!

Following this article, we will share a number of ARK mods, which are verified and applauded by users.



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