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ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 257

There are several modifications, Fixes & introduction of new structures and creatures, Linux server crash fix etc included in ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 257. ARK patch notes 257.0 is introduced in subcategories  257.2, 257.42, 257.48, 257.54, 256.51, 257.54, 257.56

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 257.0, 257.2, 257.42, 257.48,

257.49, 257.54, 256.51, 257.54, 257.56

ARK survival evolved patch notes 257


ARK Patch notes 257.0

Hotfix: Linux dedicated server start crash fixed.

New Dinos

  • New Dinos:
  •  New Structures:
    • Tek clone chamber
    • Tek Megalodon saddle
    • Tek tower
  •  New weapon: Tek grenade
  • TEK Cave & Volcano
  • “Ascension” game progress
  • More UI revisions
  • New hairstyles and facial hair
  • About 20+ new Explorer Notes
  • 15 new musical titles, depending on the biology or situation
  • Full gamepad support
  • New emote
  • The Center Megaupdate!


  • Engram tree munched. Forced Respec and Max Level has been set to 100 (before Ascension)! You will not lose any level or experience, unless you exceed 105, then you will be reset to 100.


  • In the single player, the cave spawns function again

ARK survival evolved patch notes 257.2


  • Server-side fix: Daedon can now be created at the blacksmith’s shop
  • Server-side fix: Kill sound at the volcano
  • Server-side fix: Water physics under water near the volcano.
  • Server-side fix: at the level-up, the right number is now displayed at Dinos
  • Client-side fix: fixed incorrect post-process and streaming volumes near Volcano
  • Client-side fix: UI crash on some mods
  • Client-side fix:: Quetz sounds have been changed

ARK survival Patch notes 257.42

Bug fixes & improvements

  • The “Downloading” changing Survivor behavior during cross-ARK travel has been repaired
  • Engram requirements are now properly enabled
  • A small problem with client crashes when unloading streaming levels
  • Bees can no longer die if you take too much damage to the beehive, and they will not lose affection if they take damage.
  • Improved TrueSky and non-TrueSky light on TheCenter

ARK survival Patch 257.48

  • A problem related to automatic-targeting at towers has been repaired.

Patch notes ARK 257.49

  • Server-side fix: Incorrect collisions on “The Center” have been repaired as well as some minor map problems.
  • A timing problem with Dino uploads on cross-ARK Transfers has been fixed. Requires server update.

ARK patch 257.499

  • Engrams can now be learned on unofficial servers.
  • Fixed a problem when you downloaded Survivorn & Ascending on Unofficial Cluster Servers.

Survival Evolved Patch notes 257.5

  • Client Side: Support for localized subtitles from Explorer Notes has been added. This requires up-to-date translations for Explorer Note before you see anything, translators can use this build to experiment and see their results of the Explorer localization in-game.

ARK 257.52 Patch notes

  • TEK Replicator is now available for obelisks

ARK survival evolved patch 257.54

  • A crash related to downloading dinos on unofficial servers has been fixed.

ARK survival 257.56 Patch notes

  • A new animation data format was used to use compression.

The ARK survival game is gaining popularity each day. So the owners constantly adds new features and improvements called ARK patch notes. ARK patch notes 257 is a part of these add-ons.

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