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ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 258

There are several modifications, Fixes & addition of new vehicles and hairstyles, new explorer notes etc included in ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 258. ARK patch notes 258.0 is presented in small groups of   258.2, 258.3, 258.35, 258.4, 258.41, 258.42, 258.44, 258.5 258.62, 258.8 258.81

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 258.0, 258.2, 258.3, 258.4,

258.42, 258.5, 258.62, 258.8, 258.81

ARK survival evolved patch notes 258


ARK Survival Evolved Patch 258.0


  • New weapons: Harpoon Gun
  • New Dinos:
  • New vehicle: gas-powered speedboat
  • New structure: Interactive toilet
  • 2 New hairstyles
  • 66 new Explorer Notes! (Between The Island and ScorchedEarth)


  • Tek projectiles now do no more damage when it hits a structure that is more than 5000 units (to balance them against Auto-Turrets)
  • The ATV vehicle was added again as a “Work in Progress” “Easter Egg” in single player mode and on custom servers:
    • Blueprint / Game / PrimalEarth / Vehicles / VH_Buggy / Blueprint / PrimalItemVHBuggy.PrimalItemVHBuggy ‘
  • Direwolf now has a pack logic with Rudel-Buff
  • Ballista / Harpoon studs now have significant penetration properties similar to the composite arrow

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Optimizations !!!!!!!!!!!!! Memory reduction, texture memory & network optimization and performance gain through GPU and CPU usage as well as threading improvements.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bigger set of achievements, with different cosmetics, hairstyles & releasable emotes when an achievement is achieved.

 ARK notes 258.11

  • We see again the depiction of war on characters. (Client-side update)
  • Some crashes associated with loading certain mods have been fixed. (Client-side update)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 258.2

Troubleshooting & Improvements

  • There was a problem with textures that were too slow to be streamed.
  • The Explorer Notes / 3D previews are no longer stretched on wide screen screens.
  • A crash in the single player was fixed, in which motorboats were destroyed.
  • Tamed Yutyrannus can now again damage large creatures.
  •  Megalania Kibble recipe can now be made in the cooking pot
  • A Mod crash with UI’s has been eliminated
  • The duck can now be properly tamed and does not remain at 50% taming confidence
  • With Arthropluera can now be interacted again normal
  • Wild Allo levels have been fixed.
  • Megalani’s movement in climbing in narrow passages was adapted.
  • The Gorilla Boss Arena limits have been adjusted
  • In the TheCenter Dragon Arena the landscape was changed
  • Megalanias attack animation in the water was changed
  • An Automatic Tower Exploit has been fixed.
  • Hyaenodon no longer loses the affection when it flies and the Hyaenodons can now notice crawling characters at a closer distance.

ARK Patch notes 258.3


  • Official PvE now uses offline raid protection (and you can now enable ORP with? PreventOfflinePvP = true on PvE servers)
  • Direwolves on the Scorched Earth Map are now solitary wolves, as they were too strong as a pack there.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Achievements Cosmetics is now given correctly on gemoddeten servers.
  • Hesp has now no longer the tame animation while swimming
  • For no root owner, the “Transfer parent master” button has been disabled
  • The “Show Master members who are Online View mode are now stored in the Master Manager (per session).

Patch notes ARK survival 258.35

  • Offline Raid Protection in PvE mode has been fixed so that you can use reopened item containers as well as pin-closing and the tamed animals do not drown.

Patch notes ARK survival evolved 258.4

  • The pause and option menus have been updated
  • ATV wheel physics has been adapted to make it no longer unpredictable rumflipt.
  • A crash with Mods has been fixed
  • Particle system now appears again at large world coordinates
  • Alpha Leeds are now more frequent on The Island, and they now give 5 bubbling items instead of just 1. Alpha Megalodon is also more likely to occur.

Patch notes 258.41 ARK

  • User recipe colors now appear on the icons.
  • “ARK Anniversary Cake Slice” Item has been added to the servers. (Birthday cake pieces)

Patch notes 258.42 ARK survival evolved

  • Supply chains now work with the buff.
  • Collisions in the dragon and gorilla arena were fixed.

Patch 258.44 notes

  • Shocking darts can only be made with Tranq Darts, not with other Shocking Darts.
  • The check box in the options menu with “Gib Default Survivor Items” has been added again (“Give Default Survivor Items”)
  • Fertilized Microraptor eggs no longer rot on the ground
  • ATV handling has been improved.
  • Babies no longer die on servers with low update rates

ARK Survival Evolved 258.45 Patch notes

  • A client option to hide floating player profile names has been added (SteamUserName)
  • Some boss arena collisions have been fixed
  • Tribes UI now properly modifies the root member settings when viewed in the “Show Online Tribe Members” view
  • A problem related to pressing Escape to close the Options menu has been fixed
  • Alpha Tus now drops some regular Tus-tentacles again

ARK Survival Patch notes 258.5

  • Main Menu (WIP) has been updated
  • Some bossare collisions were repaired
  • Spider projectiles (spider projectiles) have been improved
  • 2-year celebration event has ended

Patch notes 258.6 ARK

  • New primitive + update. Requires server update for Prim + compatibility !!!
  • Host Settings menu (you can now set most server settings via this user interface and also specify which engrams are available)
  • Different sounds were updated
  • Spider (Spider) has been modified to attack and shoot a net while it is moving. Also, the rider can now accurately target spinning.
  • Broodmother was rebalanced (WIP)

ARK Patch notes 258.61

  • Tek ATV visual materials, and rideable passenger seat was added to the Tek ATV
  • Character paintings now load again in the single player
  • A texture stream problem has been fixed.
  • Some main menu gamepad problems have been fixed.
  • WIP Reorganization of Dino commands in the Action Wheel submenu and much more is coming.

Patch notes 258.62

  • A ammunition problem has been repaired.

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 258.71

  • And the Brutmutter arena more liquid.
  • WIP Restyling the action wheel

Patch notes ARK 258.8

  • A new extension for ARK: Ragnarok Map!

Patch notes ARK 258.81

  • The tamed Griffin is now rideable without a saddle (there is none;))
  • There are now enough spawns on the Ragnarok map
  • High-level cave bears are now no longer tame on Ragnarok
  • More action wheel options were rearranged

ARK Patch 258.86

  • Single player caves spawns on Theis country and ScorchedEarth  repaired
  • Ragnarok is now loading on Mac & Linux platforms’

The ARK survival game is gaining popularity each day. So the owners constantly adds new features and improvements called ARK patch notes. ARK patch notes 258 is a part of these add-ons.

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