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ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259

There are many amendments, Fixes & addition of new items, manufacturing skills and corpse indicators etc included in ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259. ARK patch notes 259 .0 is sub divided in small groups of   259.1, 259.21, 259.31, 259.35.

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259 259.1 259.21

259.31 259.35

ARK survival evolved patch notes 259 259.1 259.31 259.35


  • New Item : Tek Tapejara Saddle!
  • New Skill: Manufacturing Skill! Replaces manufacturing speed (Crafting Speed). Crafting Skill increases the produced Blueprint quality by up to 33% with the bonus stats for 100 points in that skill.
  • New feature: corpse indicator! At death, a light beam shoots to help players regain their place of death. It is enabled on official servers. To use it on your server: bUseCorpseLocator = true to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Host Options:
    • Disable structure placement collisions! Unofficial servers and single players can enable this feature so that structures that clutter into the environment can be set. Add the following to your Game.ini: bDisableStructurePlacementCollision = true
    • Use single player settings! When activated, it results in an individual game experience. Add the following to your Game.ini: bUseSingleplayerSettings = true. This is automatically enabled for non-dedicated servers, you can disable it in your host menu settings, or set it to false in the ini.
    • Fast decay! Activate this option for a consistently fast decay rate for structures (eg solitary columns or landmarks). Add the following to your Game.ini: FastDecayInterval (default is 43200).
  •  New kill, death, speech, and speech icons have been added.
  • A feature has been added that allows players to adjust the brightness level of their lamps.
  • A killing zone added below the sea floor.


  • Colored boss health bars to indicate the difficulty of the boss
  • Modified static network of plant species X to remove swaying and shooting animation to reduce client FPS drops.
  • And more! (Sunday it is completed)

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Winterschlaf was now also inserted on the PC – which saves over 500mb of memory.
  • Plants no longer appear massively
  • Players ragdolls are no longer deformed when falling down
  • Many small fixes

ARK Patch notes 259.0 – Great Update! Part 2

Dino Specific Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Dino attacks now again damage with low FPS
  • Dinos no longer run on the walls endlessly
  • Escape mechanics have been improved, they now no longer run into their safe death into the water but also to the player
  •  Thylacoleo , Kaprosuchus , Megalosaurus , and Tuso no longer fall under the world geography
  • For all dinos the speed increase per level was changed.
  • Unconscious players are now no longer pushed by Kapro through the area
  • Tusa no longer grasps through world geometry
  • Pending babies now consume the right amount of food
  • Regeneration of health does not require food for babies
  • All creatures now use their long names
  • Troodons are now afraid of light sources.
  • Ptero saddle level restriction to 38 increased.
  • Trike and Stego are now more resistant to damage from other damage scales
  • Increased Parasaur Stamina increased by 50% and its speed in the water.
  • Angler Lichtradius increased under water.
  • Tamed Gigas now have.
  • Moschops is now more tame.
  • Dimetrodon ability Insulation has been improved (isolation).
  • Mesopithecus fur cap was repaired.
  • Gallimimus ‘s hat was repaired.
  • The orientation of water pipes to water connections has been improved
  • The saddle costs for Equus have been adjusted.
  • The collection rates of Therizino were reduced.
  • The basic damage of tamed and fierce Gigas was reduced.
  • Ovis and Kentro Babies / eggs no longer fall through the ground.
  • Creatures do not drown anymore when they are infected.
  • In the Lower South Cave (llCave 1) there are now fish again.
  •  Piranha no longer spawn in the low waters of Redwoods.
  • Wild Carnoid damage was reduced by 15%.
  • Terrorbird spawnt now less in Redwoods.
  • Titanosaur does not spawn on Herbivore Island.
  • Beehives can no longer be placed on top of each other.
  • Wild Ichthyornis HP reduced by 50%.
  • HUD notification for Pegomastax added when he does not steal.
  • HUD Notification for Ichthyornis Steals added, and if it causes your weapon to be dropped.
  • If a Yutyrannus Carno has companion, they all now have the same goal.
  • When riding Phiomia / Carbonemys the player keeps his size.
  • The functionality that Gigantopithecus can collect fibers by pressing the C key has been added.
  •  Tuso can no longer spam thanks to Cooldown
  • Trilobite spawns are now more common in large areas.
  • Fertilized eggs no longer count to the total egg number.
  • The distance to wake up from the stasis was increased for trilobites, Eurypterids , and ammonites .
  • Deep sea Coel added, with elevated unstasis range and slightly altered since it is larger.
  • Landing now accounts for only 50% of their regular extra speed during swimming.
  • Mistletoe now process the fertilizer properly again.
  • Pegomastax no longer attacks if the player has nothing to steal.
  • A 30s cooldown after stealing Pego has been added, except the player is attacking.
  • Pegomastax no longer steals his own team.
  • Passive tame now no longer starve when they were knocked out.
  • SFX distance for Ichthyornis and Hesperornis .
  • The egg hatch indicator will no longer disappear.
  • Torpor status is now displayed correctly after taming.
  • Stasis no longer reduces feed consumption.
  • Hyaenodon taming now scales correctly with the set server rates.
  • Manta and Ptero can now attack fast enough while taming.
  • Tamed Kentros now get a pack of packs.
  • The duration of Gigas roar was extended.
  • Quetzal platforms are now paintable again.
  • Spinosaur now has a roar.
  • Missing food animations and sounds for dinos have been added.
  • Baby Thylacoleo no longer spawn in trees when they are born.
  • Landing-AI for Quetzal and Wyvern was improved.
  • Airplanes are now no longer in the air, if they have no endurance, but land automatically.
  • Megalosaurus hatching has been fixed.
  • Thylacoleo no longer roars when he wakes from stasis.
  • Thylacoleo does not make a Superman pose anymore if he wants to climb something he does not create.
  • Tail collision on medium and long creatures was fixed
  • Babies are no longer growing in the ground as they grow.
  • Sarco cocks do not grow up to the maximum limit
  • Single players will now get no damage while riding on a Griffin .
  • Added Griffin icon and levelup animation.
  • The binoculars now work properly on a Griffin.
  • Griffin now stays at the same speed, even if a weapon is equipped.
  • Dinos no longer attack any towers if they do not attack.

ARK Survival evolved patch 259.1

  • A game crash was eliminated.
  • ARK Data Tab was not displayed correctly, with dedicated and single players it is only about the obelisks.
  • ATV engrams are now no longer visible on dedicated servers, you can still spawn them if you want.

Patch notes ARK 259.21

  • Primitive / Primitive + Servers (and any Mod / INI) that use custom engrams are now displayed correctly.
  • Baby Dinos are no longer falling through the ground
  • A crash with certain mods has been fixed (eg Structures +)

ARK patch 259.31

  • Babies in Stasis now eat as much as they should
  • Localization texts updated <3

ARK survival patch 259.35

  • Pegomastax taming was repaired.
  • Megalania can now climb again after the server restart

The game ARK survival evolved is continuously improved by constantly adding new features called ARK survival evolved patch. ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259 is the part of this series.

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