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ARK Survival Evolved Patch 263

There are various changes, Fixes & inclusions of new spawn codes, fighting skills and various changes in maps included in  ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 263.

ARK survival evolved patch notes 263

ARK patch notes 263 .0


  • Slight increase in the wild trike damage
  • Increased rate at which Alpha creatures spawn in Single Player
  • The number of eels has been reduced in PGMs
  • The riding distance to climb up was increased, so you get on the plane, when you have fallen into the water.
  • The terror bird spawns in the redwoods were spread further apart
  • The number of creatures in The Center Deepwater Zone has been increased
  • The Jumping Puzzle on The Center is now rewarded with 3 top-tier supply crates.
  • TEK Cave Pool now fills your element, it also deals damage if you do not have a full set of elements.
  • Many deep-sea crates were added to The Center Deep Sea Cave (Deep Sea Cave).
  • Some Coel were added to the main waters at The Center.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • In Primitive + Menus, the mouse pointer no longer disappears
  • Center Underworld rafts no longer teleport to the map above
  • The Center barrier is again visible under water
  • Weather effects on the Island and the Center are now more visible
  • Ichty and Pego do not steal skins anymore
  • Ghillie Suit now has only 70 base durability instead of 120
  • All non-statted items were removed from the crates belonging to a higher tier (level / level) than the first crate containing the non-statted item
  • A problem with Plesiosaur , which spanned at level 35, has been fixed
  • You will now get a message on the screen
  • Gorilla Boss moves back to normal and no longer in the air
  • Stego and Rexes put the eggs right again
  • Blueprints can no longer be seen within structures
  • Center spawns are now somewhat better distributed
  • Leed spawns on TheCenter have been reworked to prevent them from spilling in shallow water.
  • Temperatures slightly adjusted to The Island and The Center (warmer in the jungle, colder in the cold region)
  • Additional damage and life adjustments on dragons, Megapithecus and The Center bosses.
  • The Center too much spawn has been repaired
  • The raft change has been reversed so that building blocks can be stacked again.

The ARK survival evolved game is continuously improved introduction of new items and changes to the previous feature called ARK survival evolved patch. ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 263 is the part of this series.

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