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Survival Evolved ARK patch notes 265

There are several modifications, new server options, third person views are eliminated, servers updates, 40 saddles per strain in ARK Patch notes 265. ARK survival evolved patch notes 265.  is presented in small groups of   265.1, 265.14, 265.284, 265.3, 265.51, 265.5 

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 265

265.1, 265.14, 265.16, 265.284, 265.3, 265.51 265.5

ARK patch notes 265


  • New Server Option: Forced Respawn of wild Dinos at server restart! automatically activated on official servers, which means that every week new spawn the Dinos, making it one Depopulierung of certain types Dino can be prevented in long-running servers (such Basilo or Spino). (? ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval = SECONDS)
  • New Server Option: tribal sizes and alliance sizes Limits! The new tribal members limit defaults to 70 players and the new alliance limit is set to official servers on the 10th (MaxAlliancesPerTribe = # = # and MaxTribesPerAlliance in Game.ini). Adds currently still one more going, when you enter the numbers, there’s something not right
  • 1/4 the size of Ragnarok Map Update (the “Southwest Update”)


  • Zähmbare Titanoboas!
  • Platform saddles are now limited to 40 saddles per strain. Each platform saddle (with structures) counts as 19 tribal taming slots (Tribe Tame slots) (? PersonalTamedDinosSaddleStructureCost = 19 & MaxPersonalTamedDinos = 40).
  • Players can get rid of every enemy who caught them with the grappling hook by cutting with a tool with a knife, the rope now
  • Towers now have a “only players attack mode” that before Dino attacks the player who is riding a dinosaur.
  • Plants can now be fertilized by pushing to open rather than the inventory e.
  • Hatching and Trächtigkeits Progress bars now include a countdown timer and percentages.
  • Pump action shotgun pellets (pump action charge) were from 10 to 12 per shot increases (20% loss increase at a hit), dispersion decreased from 10 to 7.5, and maximum cone size at full range was set from 100 degrees to 75 miles.
  • The Stun Shocking tranq darts was reduced in people from 5 to 2 seconds.

Fixes & Improvements

  • should win big performance
  • Eggs no longer fall through the structures when rendering.
  • Baby Ovis fall will no longer by the structures when born.
  • The structural limit is now displayed to the player correctly.
  • Supply boxes now display if they are full, without having to open it.
  • 3 exploits have been fixed, with which one came under the Weltmap.
  • If structures or Domesticated by the PVE timers are deleted, it is now displayed correctly in the tribal Log.

ARK patch notes 265.1

  • A Render crash has been fixed and improved rendering performance.

Patch notes 265.14

  • One problem with disconnects the client when they found themselves in a large base has been resolved. Requires Server Update.

 ARK 265.16 Patch notes 

  • Client-side problems with third-person view were eliminated.
  • The third-person camera is now automatically allowed on all dedicated servers, use the setting? AllowThirdPersonPlayer = false to disable it on a server.

ARK: Survival patch 265.284

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ragnarok Map Fixes: Please keep in mind that this update is not backward compatible, so it is very important that the unofficial servers are updated to this version.
  • Dinos fall no longer in the client through ceilings by.
  • Players will no longer fall through ceiling when they were logged on a.
  • “E” can now be placed on the middle mouse button again.
  • Eggs no longer fall through structures by
  • Rex-gauge positioning in dyeing menu was repaired
  • Industrial facilities and keg now accept no more fertilizer.
  • Megalosaurus now reappears unconscious rather than asleep.
  • Swing delay has been added to stun guns
  • Bodies can be placed on the freezer again
  • Players no longer appear as silhouettes when they are in the inventory
  •  Dyeing UI remains open after hopping for dyeing.

ARK Survival patch notes 265.3

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ragnarok Map Fixes: Please note that this version is not backward compatible, please update the server to this version!
  • Esc or Enter key now complete again the name box after taming
  • Dyeing UI: Double-click (or 2 times press A Button) to a color region, she dyed one.
  • Dino HUD pop was lowered when you look on a Titanoboa.
  • TheCenter, lava Iceland ‘range has been fixed, now Dino Spanner work again.

Patch notes ARK 265.5 & 265.51 265.5


  • One must now stand on solid ground, if you will create a raft (no dynamic structures)
  • reinzuzehmen DIRECT in the Inventory folders locally and remotely, the items placed in this folder.
  • Transfer to and from inventories of the base folder level, now ignores the sub-folder completely.
  • Tamed Griffin flying speed was adjusted close targets so that they can be attacked better.
  • Respawn / Schnellreise- UI now has a bed-search text box

Fixes & Improvements

  • Different camera fixes 🙂

Ark patch notes 265 part of series ARK recent patch notes

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