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Survival Game: ARK patch notes 267

Modifications included in ARK patch notes 267 are Ragnarok hotfixes, some areas in PVE servers were blocked, addition of New creature:the otters, fixed bugs, sever updates, Rafts can be destroyed on all servers. ARK survival evolved patch notes 267 includes 267.17, 267.2, 267.21, 267.3.

ARK survival evolved Patch notes 276. Also included 267.17, 267.2, 267.21, 267.3.

ARK patch notes 267

ARK patch notes 267.0

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ragnarok Hotfixes
  • Dupe prevention (Initial upload timer)
  • Certain key areas in PVE servers were blocked (on old legacy servers not activated)
  • Rafts can be destroyed on all servers after a certain time.
  • New host UI
  • Legacy Servers are extra marked review, the legacy filter if you can not find your officials PC server.
  • 2 server crashes in connection with structures were eliminated
  • Towers can now shoot through the ragdolls that you draw.
  • A rare problem with local profiles has been fixed
  • Primitive + now has its own memory folder


  • New creature: the otters !
  • Endboss and Ascension.
  • remodel Ice Wyvern and they are now uploadable.
  • Official Anti-Dupe system.

ARK 267.17 Patch notes

  • Various client Fixed crashes.
  • The join button has been fixed.
  • “Distance Field Ambient Occlusion” effect is now permanently switched off but also epic settings, the user can manually adjust the options, but it comes at the cost of performance.
  • Cluster Session List UI now uses the correct search filter

ARK survival patch notes 267.2

  • The Ice Wyvern can now be transmitted correctly via cross-ARK to other servers
  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper transfer via cross-ARK on unofficial and password protected server

Patch notes 267.21 ARK survival

  • Players can now adjust to officials PVP servers gamma values.
  • Options menu added for keyboard shortcut for players Gamma 1 (low) and Gamma2 (high) to adjust setting and text boxes gamma values ​​for each setting.

ARK game patch 267.3

  • Server-side support for ” aberration ” Season Pass cosmetics has been added. Requires Server Restart.

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