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ARK patch notes 268. Survival game ARK

 New patch notes include Phoenix-based HP increase, Phoenix carrying capacity increase, Improved client-side UI, bug fixes and new creatures. ARK patch notes 268 given in following parts 268.11 268.12 268.13 268.2 268.22

ARK Survival Evolved patch 268

Includes 268.11 268.12 268.13 268.2 268.22

ARK patch notes 268

ARK patch notes 268.11

  • New creature: Phoenix !
  • Some User Interface text ads and alignment problems have been eliminated.
  • Client-side CPU performance increase

Patch nontes 268.12 ARK

  • Phoenix-based HP has been increased by 40%. Requires Server Update.

ARK survival patch 268.13

  • Phoenix can now be 3 times as frequently encountered on Scorched Earth. Requires server update.

ARK survival notes 268.2

  • Phoenix carrying capacity increased by + 200%, + 200% sulfur adds more food to Phoenix added, Phoenix feed consumption reduced by 60%, Phoenix Fire DoT increased by + 200%.
  • Function “Phoenix Flame Charge” uses dynamic key bindings (also works if the jump button is tied to something other than “space bar”) and works with gamepad input
  • Improved client-side UI performance large scrollable lists (inventories, Engrammlisten, server lists, etc.).

Survival game patch notes 268.22

  • Crashes with optimisierten text box code fixes and UI text rendering performance improves

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