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ARK patch notes 270 ARK game

ARK patch notes 270.  Waiting for the release. Will update as soon as the updates are out. The updates are in ARK patch notes 270.0 270.1 270.6 270.9

ARK Survival evolved patch notes 270

ARK patch notes 270.0 270.1 

ARK patch notes 270

ARK survival notes v270 (18th September 2017)


  • New weapon: Tek Sword (Charge attack and damage to metal & penetrate the armor with item)
  • New Armor: Tek Shield (Reflecting incoming bullets / bullets when energized with item)
  • New structure: Tek Light (holds on any surface, can be operated independently of element shards in its inventory or traditionally via generators)

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Problem where clients were sometimes disconnected after destroying the structures has been fixed
  • TrueSky memory usage corrected

ARK survival 270.1 Patch notes (23 September 2017)

  • Client: Tek armor clipping when using Tek sword fixed
  • Client: RMB should not activate Tek Sword & Gloves when the placement of the structure is aborted.
  • Client: In the Inventory menu, press Shift + HotkeySlotBinding while you are hovering over an item, this will fit into HotKey Slot #. Control + HotKeySlotBinding removes the item from the corresponding HotKey slot (to insert it back into your regular inventory).

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