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ARK patch notes 275

ARK patch notes 275. Aberration release, certain modes and structures fixed, certain crashes fixed.  ARK patch notes released in these groups  275.2 275.31 275.87 275.921

ARK Survival evolved patch notes 275

The updates are in ARK patch notes 275.0

 275.1, 275.11, 275.2, 275.31, 275.32

ARK patch notes 275

Ark patch notes 275.0

  • Aberration release!
  • Parallel (multi-threaded) renderer for faster SM5 graphics
    • CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads = true
  • ShooterGameMode (changes the life of corpse AND dropped boxes)
    • float UseCorpseLifeSpanMultiplier;
  • ShooterGameMode: (multiplier, default 4)
    • GlobalPoweredBatteryDurabilityDecreasePerSecond;
  • Fixed water playback on Mac & Linux
  • Heavy Turret & Tek Turret Rebalance

ARK game updates 275.1

  • A client-side crash issue with certain mods like Structures + and other renderer edge cases has been fixed.

ARK survival evolved patch 275.11

  • Made Distance Field Ambient Occlusion setting does not affect the illumination of the aberration (which does not use the technique)

ARK game patch 275.2

  • The basilisk saddle was added to the blacksmith workplaces where it should be. Requires server update.
  • Fixed some of Lantern Pet’s inventories being incorrectly marked as Tribute Inventories. Requires server update.
  • The latest Localization Manifest files have been exported and added to the client for translation

ARK Survival patch updates 275.31

  • Fixed crash of Linux client
  • Fixed server language crash
  • Fixed mod class replacement priority (Dino replacement etc.)
  • Reduces the damage of the Cave Wolf by about 40%.
  • Increased Wild Basilisk HP by 50%.
  • Increased damage by the Wild Grim Reaper King by 300%.
  • Aqua Shroom (Water-mushrooms) now restore the water status correctly.
  • Nameless added to certain areas of the Biolum chamber in which they were missing.
  • Piranhas removed from the launch site pool
  • Fixed an issue where Aberration Endboss sometimes did not show up on clients, and fixed a similar issue with Ragnarok Endbossen.


  • Aberration Dinos can now also be downloaded to ARKs that are not aberration. Requires server update.

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