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ARK ACM Tutorial (Admin command menu)

ark acm tutorial How to use ARK acm

This ARK ACM tutorial  include ACM commands ARK ACM bulk import guide Adding more Mods ACM not working what to do  ARK ACM originally stands for Admin Command menu but with some recent advancement and its success, it is now called Advanced command Menu. It is more convenience streamlined and advanced replacement of ARK’s build […]

How to use ARK commander, Full tutorial

ark-commander tool

What is ARK commander tool. How to download and install it. A complete tutorial on how to use ARK commander software. FAQs and issues related to Commander program ARK COMMANDER A tool that will simplify your life! Hello everyone, Today I propose a small administration guide , on a tool that proves very useful to ARK server […]

ARK Phoenix Taming, location, saddle etc

ARK phoenix saddle and kibble. ARK survival evolved phoneix favrourite food and admin command.

Today, with my colleague Hamdan, we were On-Fire! All fire flames, we gave ourselves the crazy bet to go visit the new creature straight out of the Wildcard files, the  ARK Phoenix to offer you a small guide.   ARK flying Creature: ARK Phoenix Surname Phoenix species Harprognatus exornus age Unknown nutrition Flame-eater temperament difficult to define domestication tameable Yes rideable […]

ARK custom Recipes

ARK custom Recipes

The winner ARK custom recipes that helps in various situations. I will present a series of ARK survival evolved custom Recipes from the simplest to the most sophisticated that will help you during a raid. Meats Let’s start with the base, making a small summary of the properties of the different meats available in the game for tame animals: […]

ARK patch notes 272 for Game ARK

ARK patch notes 272

ARK game update 272 for PC is available for download. Latest updates includes extension for ARK Ragnarok map and some fixes & game improvements. The initial update of the Ragnarok desert of ARK game is now introduced. Desert of Ragnarok will be released in three portions that will be available for players. This extension has […]

ARK patch notes 271 Updates and Amendments

ARK patch notes 271

ARK patch notes 271 can now be downloaded for PC version.  The latest ARK 271 patch has rectified some issues with boss exploits.  The game updates are in pieces ARK patch notes 271.1 271.15 271.16 271.17 271.21 271.2.9 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 271 ARK patch notes 271.1 271.15 271.16 271.17 271.21 271.2 ARK survival notes 271.0 Game.ini […]

ARK patch notes 270 ARK game

ARK patch notes 270

ARK patch notes 270.  Waiting for the release. Will update as soon as the updates are out. The updates are in ARK patch notes 270.0 270.1 270.6 270.9 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 270 ARK patch notes 270.0 270.1  ARK survival notes v270 (18th September 2017) New New weapon: Tek Sword (Charge attack and damage to […]

ARK patch notes 269 Most recent update

ARK patch notes 269

In ARK patch notes 269,  networking disconnection issues settled. Certain bugs related to Phoenix are fixed. Amendments and fixes related to Ankylosaurus and Therizino.  Updates are in ARK patch notes 269.1 269.2 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 269 ARK patch notes 269.1 269.2 ARK Survival evolved patch notes 269 (8 September 2017) – New Weapon: Tek Sword – […]

ARK patch notes 268. Survival game ARK

ARK patch notes 268

 New patch notes include Phoenix-based HP increase, Phoenix carrying capacity increase, Improved client-side UI, bug fixes and new creatures. ARK patch notes 268 given in following parts 268.11 268.12 268.13 268.2 268.22 ARK Survival Evolved patch 268 Includes 268.11 268.12 268.13 268.2 268.22 ARK patch notes 268.11 New creature: Phoenix ! Some User Interface text ads and alignment problems have been […]

Survival Game: ARK patch notes 267

ARK patch notes 267

Modifications included in ARK patch notes 267 are Ragnarok hotfixes, some areas in PVE servers were blocked, addition of New creature:the otters, fixed bugs, sever updates, Rafts can be destroyed on all servers. ARK survival evolved patch notes 267 includes 267.17, 267.2, 267.21, 267.3. ARK survival evolved Patch notes 276. Also included 267.17, 267.2, 267.21, 267.3. ARK patch notes 267.0 Fixes […]

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