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ARK Doedicurus Taming, kibble, saddle

ark doedicurus taming saddle and kibble

Today we are going to introduce new creature ARK Doedicurus. The Doedicurus is strong, heavy and hard-wearing! Ignorance may also confuse the Dino, which is also recognizable on its distinct tank, from a distance with a turtle, but a blow with its spiked tail will give them a better instruction. This tank on four legs can do even more. Whoever is […]

Survival Evolved ARK patch notes 265

ARK patch notes 265

There are several modifications, new server options, third person views are eliminated, servers updates, 40 saddles per strain in ARK Patch notes 265. ARK survival evolved patch notes 265.  is presented in small groups of   265.1, 265.14, 265.284, 265.3, 265.51, 265.5  ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 265 265.1, 265.14, 265.16, 265.284, 265.3, 265.51 265.5 New […]

ARK fast leveling: Proceed quickly tips

ark fast leveling fastest way to level in ark

ARK fast leveling – A guide on how to quickly or faster pumping /leveling for players who are just starting to play in ARK Survival Evolved. ARK survival evolved fast leveling You can easily pump from 1 to 15 levels, crafting Cloth Hat. After that, the best time to tame Raptor, because you will collect […]

ARK Patch notes 264

ARK patch notes 264

 ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 264 includes official Ragnarok update, trouble shooting, many bug fixes.  Details of ARK patch notes 264  includes 264.0 264.1 264.15 264.16 ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 264.0 & 264.1 & 264.15 264.16 ARK survival Patch 264.0 Official Ragnarok update SimpleSky (non-TrueSky) system with atmospheric fog SP Dinos no longer fall through the cave […]

ARK Ovis: Taming Food and location

where to find ovis food of ovis ARk survival evolved ovis

Let’s start now with one of the last available creature on our favorite game ARK survival evolved, the sheep Ark Ovis. You can also call it the wool ball, the stuff that does not matter or what ever you want to call it    ARK Sheep Creature: ARK Ovis Surname Ovis species Ovis Aries age Cenozoic food herbivore […]

ARK Survival Evolved Patch 263

ARK survival evolved patch notes263

There are various changes, Fixes & inclusions of new spawn codes, fighting skills and various changes in maps included in  ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 263. ARK patch notes 263 .0 Amendments Slight increase in the wild trike damage Increased rate at which Alpha creatures spawn in Single Player The number of eels has been reduced in PGMs The riding distance to climb up […]

ARK scorched earth map resources

ark scorched earth map featured

ARK Scorched Earth is the first Map paying the game Ark Survival . As its name indicates it is a hostile and devastated land. Composed mainly of deserts and canyons (strongly reminiscent of the Australian desert) life is rough. Sandstorm, solar flare and overwhelming heat will be your companions. A few oases will allow you to survive. It is also a map of legend because you will […]

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 262

ARK survival evolved patch notes 262

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 262 includes various amendments, Fixes & new commands, eagles manufacturing skills and corpse indicators . ARK patch notes 262 is sub divided in small groups of 262.2 ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 262 262.2 New New Achievement: The Center Guardian Achievemen when defeated the bosses A new command that makes it possible to show where […]

ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259

ARK survival evolved patch notes 259 259.1 259.31 259.35

There are many amendments, Fixes & addition of new items, manufacturing skills and corpse indicators etc included in ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259. ARK patch notes 259 .0 is sub divided in small groups of   259.1, 259.21, 259.31, 259.35. ARK Survival Evolved Patch notes 259 259.1 259.21 259.31 259.35 New New Item : Tek Tapejara Saddle! New Skill: Manufacturing Skill! Replaces manufacturing speed […]

ARK Equus Taming saddle location Kibble

ARK equus stats breeding and spawn commands

The newest dossier on ARK Survival Evolved game  is presented – this is the ARK Equus , a kind of primordial zebra or Pony/horse!    ARK Horse (Pony) Creature: ARK survival evolved Equus Surname Equus species Equus Magnus age Pleistocene food herbivore temperament Loyal domestication tameable Yes rideable Yes Multiplies  No command Pony ARK Equus creature ID cheat summon Equus_Character_BP_C horse […]

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